Document dangerous substance exposure meticulously

With the Quentic Hazardous Materials software module

CMR substances—that being, hazardous materials with carcinogenic, mutagenic, or reprotoxic properties—can pose significant health risks to your workforce. That's why it’s essential to document and report exposure to these substances every time, with Quentic giving you a structured and reliable system for doing so.

With Quentic, documenting exposure to hazardous substances has never been easier.

Report cases of exposure

  • Let employees record their exposure to hazardous materials independently, following a standardized procedure
  • Document critical details such as working hours, tasks, and precautions taken
  • Have this information passed on to a designated person responsible
  • Share standardized information on the use of hazardous substances and enable authorized viewers to revise this
  • Identify groups at greatest risk of inhalation and skin contact
  • Issue protective measures incrementally and assess their adequateness, in accordance with the established safety standards of the workplace control scheme for hazardous substances (EMKG) from BAuA

Check requirements and precautions

Measure exposure data

  • Document the strength of hazardous substances
  • Specify accurate values or estimated values along with quality factors
  • Create a basis for balancing acceptable and tolerable concentrations
  • Check which employees have the qualifications required for a certain type of exposure
  • See any discrepancies between required and available qualifications at a glance
  • Ensure that your team is adequately trained in the handling of hazardous substances

Monitor qualifications

Report your findings

Quentic's reporting function enables you to share information on exposure to hazardous substances easily with third parties. Promote transparency in your organization by, for example, providing data on an employee’s medical examination or by giving an employee their complete file if they leave your workforce.

Qualifications and instructions

You can organize staff training, such as for the handling of hazardous materials, in Quentic Health & Safety software module.

Free on-demand webinar on ISO 45001

Watch the video and learn more about the new ISO 45001 norm and find out how to successfully fulfill all requirements with Quentic.

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“We have found a viable solution for our hazardous materials management, which perfectly supports both the old as well as the new Hazardous Substances Ordinance. Our hazardous working materials are now centrally recorded in Quentic and the data can be accessed by all authorized people at any time.”