Safely managed biological agents

With the Quentic Hazardous Chemicals software module

With Quentic, managing biological agents has never been easier.

Maintain a biological agent register

  • Properly organize and track the biological agents used in your company
  • Implement the requirements of European Directive 2000/54/EC
  • Look up specific properties in the biological agent register, such as transmission routes and incubation periods
  • Bundled information for biological agent groupings ensures efficient processes
  • Assess risks associated with the use of biological agents in a standardized manner and differentiate between activities
  • Customize assessment criteria to meet individual needs
  • Derive safeguards and track their implementation at any time with a status overview
  • Review and map substitutions of biological agents

Perform risk assessments for biological agents

Create safety instructions for biological agents

  • Implement general safety instructions directly from the biological agent register
  • Easily select familiar pictograms according to ISO 7010:2019 with a single mouse click
  • Differentiate specific safety instructions for each scope with minimal effort
  • Quickly export as a document with the finished layout
  • Employees can quickly and independently report their own exposure to biological agents
  • Centralized review and processing by responsible personnel
  • Complete documentation of who was exposed to what biological agent and when
  • Consider existing safeguards and qualifications

Document exposure to biological agents

It all depends on the circumstances

Quentic allows you to describe the scope of biological agents in detail – after all, different safeguards may apply depending on the situation. This means that you can take into account the specific use of biological agents in a laboratory as well as non-specific activities, e.g., taking water samples of unknown composition.

Qualifications and instructions

In the Quentic Health & Safety software module, you can organize training for your employees, e.g., for handling biological agents.

Features of Quentic chemical management software

Hazardous chemical register

Create your hazardous chemical register the smart way with Quentic. Meet your documentation requirements while saving time and money. You can find information on individual substances quickly and easily, and streamline your workflow with standardized testing and approval.

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Manage your safety data sheets

If your company handles chemicals, you need to clearly understand the properties and potential risks of every substance you use. That's why safety data sheets are indispensable—and you cannot afford to let them go out of date. Thankfully, with Quentic, that's not something you have to worry about. We offer a comfortable, effective solution for storing safety data sheets, as well as version control and repeat ordering.

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Document hazardous chemical exposure meticulously

CMR substances—that being, hazardous chemicals with carcinogenic, mutagenic, or reprotoxic properties—can pose significant health risks to your workforce. That's why it’s essential to document and report exposure to these substances every time, with Quentic giving you a structured and reliable system for doing so.

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Risk assessments for hazardous chemicals

Quentic creates legally compliant risk assessments for those working with hazardous chemicals. Evaluate the hazards and determine whether you can substitute certain substances for less harmful alternatives. Quentic automatically assigns protective measures – dependent entirely on the selected national or international standards.

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Safety instructions for hazardous chemicals

Quentic makes expert information management possible and creating safety instructions for hazardous chemicals is one of the core features. Set universally applicable standards and generate specific safety instructions in large numbers. This way, you can get tailored instructions about the different ways to apply each chemical with ease.

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Keep your dangerous goods transport on track

Quentic supports you with every aspect of transporting dangerous goods. Use the dangerous goods register as a reference when deciding how to transport goods on road, rail, or water. Stay in control of your transport plans with automatic admissibility checks. Regulation transport papers are just a click away!

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“We have found a viable solution for our hazardous chemicals management, which perfectly supports both the old as well as the new Hazardous Substances Ordinance. Our non-hazardous chemicals are now centrally recorded in Quentic and the data can be accessed by all authorized people at any time.”