First class process modelling

With the Quentic Processes software module

With Quentic, process modelling has never been easier.

Define processes

  • Get a clear overview of your business and EHSQ/ESG processes with all relevant details
  • Explain specific procedures, as well as the associated organizations and data
  • Map out your corporate structure for a complete overview of your facilities
  • Create clear and intuitive diagrams of your processes
  • Design event-driven process chains (EPC)
  • Connect tasks and functions directly to the related data entities
  • Export process diagrams as PDFs

Visualize each step

Activate processes

  • Integrate the editing, checking, and approval phases
  • Keep everyone in the loop with email notifications
  • Keep track of who edited processes and when
  • Keep processes up-to-date with simple adjustment options
  • Access older versions of processes with intelligent version control
  • Ensure that colleagues only have access to the most up-to-date process diagrams

Update processes

Keep improving your processes

As your company develops and you're working conditions change, your processes must evolve. You need to constantly be reviewing and revising the way you do things. Thankfully, our process audits feature is the tool for the job.

Process audits with Quentic

The Quentic Risks & Audits software module gives you a complete set of tools for planning and running professional audits.

An overview of the most important functions

Features of the Quentic Processes module

Clear and interactive process diagrams

Clear visualizations help your colleagues understand work processes and implement them correctly. Standardized images and illustrations reduce the chance of misunderstanding. Quentic lets you create clear, intuitive and interactive process diagrams following the extended EPC model.

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All your processes at a glance

Besides managing individual processes, Quentic also gives you a broad overview of how your processes interact with one another. The process explorer is a practical tool for navigating your company's processes. Zoom out to the global level, or refine your search all the way down to the individual steps of a process.

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Implement your processes successfully

Quentic supports you in the design and visualizing of business processes. Keep your team productive and compliant by creating clear instructions. Then turn theoretical concepts into concrete action using interactive process diagrams.

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“At a glance, you can see which manager is part of what process and which documents are involved. This feature is extremely useful in our daily work.”