Implement your processes successfully

With the Quentic Processes software module

Quentic supports you in the design and visualizing of business processes. Keep your team productive and compliant by creating clear instructions. Then turn theoretical concepts into concrete action using interactive process diagrams.

With Quentic, implementing your processes has never been easier.

Make interactive diagrams

  • Link your process diagrams directly to the relevant people, departments and functions
  • Execute a process step at the click of a mouse
  • Put concepts into actions immediately
  • Give your colleagues access to critical instructions in the process explorer
  • Switch between different overviews and call up diagrams for individual processes
  • Switch between previous and follow-up processes at the click of a mouse

Navigate processes

View linked objects

  • Get live status updates on the people, departments, and activities linked to your process
  • Open relevant documents directly from the process diagram
  • Access relevant data sets from other modules e.g. Hazardous Materials or Risks & Audits
  • Put your plan into practice immediately: Check your records, edit your data, or log new actions
  • Create new sets of instructions and save them as data sets
  • Switch back to your process diagram at the click of a mouse

Implement process steps

Integrated management

The ability to link process diagrams with other software functions makes Quentic a powerful tool. Connect any module with any other and share expertise, tasks, and responsibilities between departments. Spend less time maintaining your data and more time getting things done!

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“At a glance, you can see which manager is part of what process and which documents are involved. This feature is extremely useful in our daily work.”