Equipment registers on demand

With the Quentic Legal Compliance software module

Quentic makes it easy to keep track of equipment and machines with a comprehensive equipment register. Custom input fields are available for various kinds of equipment and, thanks to Quentic's intelligently networked system, you can see a complete inventory at a glance. You can then export this to reports and external partners.

With Quentic, equipment registers have never been easier.

Record your inventory

  • Create a structured list of all equipment machines and materials
  • Keep track of approvals and notices
  • See a list of previous and upcoming plant inspections
  • Take readings of specific legal reference materials for each system
  • Track your consumption of electricity, heat, and cooling
  • See your maximum rated output, annual consumption, and utilization ratio
  • Analyze numbers for individual locations and company areas

Measure your performance

Manage your water hazards

  • Document and classify your water hazards correctly
  • Specify which hazardous substances are used
  • Link this data to the relevant risk assessment and handling instructions from the Hazardous Materials software module
  • Add optional details about your pressure equipment to the register
  • Document specific details such as maximum pressure and test pressure, as well as minimum and maximum temperatures
  • Describe your pipelines by equipment class, pressure stage, insulation etc.

Record pressure equipment details

Locations, equipment, and facilities

In the Quentic Core, you can document the central structures of your business and then conveniently reuse these for other modules. When you create your equipment register, you can populate this with data that's previously been recorded, saving time, avoiding unnecessary duplication, and improving data quality.

When's your next inspection?

Quentic can support you in preparing for technical inspections of your equipment, machines, and plants.

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Quentic Legal Compliance

Reduce your liability risk to a minimum! Learn how Quentic can support you in fulfilling all duties of care in accordance with requirements and prove your compliance at any time.

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Pirelli Deutschland

How can automobile industry suppliers withstand strict legal requirements and audits and stay competitive? Discover how Pirelli uses Quentic to stay on the safe side.

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“The increasing demands on companies require a complete, seamless and legally-sound documentation system. This is exactly what Quentic provides.”