Keep your hazardous goods transport on track

With the Quentic Hazardous Materials software module

Quentic supports you with every aspect of transporting hazardous goods. Use the hazardous goods register as a reference when deciding how to transport goods on road, rail, or water. Stay in control of your transport plans with automatic admissibility checks. Regulation transport papers are just a click away!

With Quentic, transporting hazardous materials has never been easier.

Index hazardous goods

  • Access a complete list of hazardous goods with official UN designations
  • Organize by hazardous goods class and subordinate categories
  • Assign hazard numbers and hazard labels from a list
  • Automatically check labels on the basis of their hazardous goods class
  • Select from various modes of transport, as outlined by ADR, RID, ADN, and IMDG
  • Save sender and receiver details with the click of a mouse
  • Record carriers, license plate numbers, signage, loading points etc.
  • Document transported hazardous goods along with their quantities and packaging type

Plan transportation

Create descriptions and check permissions

  • Create listings of hazardous goods in line with existing regulations
  • Automatically check ADR and RID regulations about small quantities transport and mixed loading
  • Get complete transport documents in a few clicks
  • Create documents for multimodal transport if required
  • Checklists ensure you've met ADR regulations for drivers, vehicles, transport papers, packaging, and load-securing

Create transport papers

Transportation at a glance

Need an overview of transported hazardous goods by year, quarter, month, or by sender location? It's all possible with the analysis feature in the Quentic Hazardous Materials software module. Additional filter and exporting features ensure you've got access to the exact transport information you need.

Free on-demand webinar on ISO 45001

Watch the video and learn more about the new ISO 45001 norm and find out how to successfully fulfill all requirements with Quentic.

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“We have found a viable solution for our hazardous materials management, which perfectly supports both the old as well as the new Hazardous Substances Ordinance. Our hazardous working materials are now centrally recorded in Quentic and the data can be accessed by all authorized people at any time.”