Infographic: 10 Key Trends in Safety Management 2020

Expert opinions from the Safety Management Trend Report at a glance

What are the key trends in safety management this year? Are digitalization and new technology making work safer? And how will the COVID-19 pandemic impact the digital safety management of the future? Fifteen internationally renowned experts weigh in on these questions in this year’s Safety Management Trend Report

People as the primary focus

Experts see safety management software and apps as having brought  a better structure to safety management and see new technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence or Virtual Reality, as positively contributing to most current safety approaches. But the experts also urge caution as we proceed, noting that technical innovations must first and foremost focus on the people and positively shaping their work environments. There is no desire to implement new technologies just for the sake of technology itself.

COVID-19 as a driver for digitalization

The unexpected coronavirus pandemic has turned the working world upside down overnight: Remote work has become the new reality for many employees across industries, with video conferences replacing face-to-face meetings, and many new precautions put in place where on-site work is necessary. Many experts agree that the overall acceleration of digitalization during this time will have a long-lasting impact on occupational safety.  Safety training and education are considered to benefit most directly from this development.


All the top trends from the Safety Management Trend Report 2020 at a glance. Download this infographic as a PDF file here!

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