Safety Management Trend Report

Views and assessments of leading safety experts

Safety Management Trend Report 2022

Occupational safety in 2022 is characterized by ESG, Industry 4.0 and safety leadership.

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Trend Report 2021

Safety Management Trend Report 2021

Digitalization, Leadership and COVID-19: What are the key factors for success in the occupational safety of the future?

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Safety Management Trend Report 2020

Digitalization and new technologies are shaping occupational health and safety. But do we use technology effectively? And does it make for a positive safety culture? Leading experts from nine countries discuss where modern EHS management is headed.

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Safety Management Trend Report 2019

What developments, challenges and success factors characterize Occupational Health and Safety in 2019? From ISO 45001 to Industry 4.0 to Safety Leadership: leading experts from eight countries discuss what is moving companies this year.

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