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Safety Management Trend Report 2021

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The latest occupational safety developments

Eleven internationally renowned experts share their opinions on trends and long-term effects of the Corona crisis on occupational safety and their priorities for 2021. These viewpoints are enhanced with practical insights from a large occupational safety survey. More than 600 specialists, EHS managers and safety officers from across Europe share with us how they have handled the pandemic, what challenges came along with these new responsibilities and what topics they are especially focused on for 2021.

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What you’ll get:
  • New perspectives:

    Leading experts from eight countries share their estimations of the most important trends and the effects the Coronavirus pandemic has had on occupational safety

  • Valuable experiences:

    For the first time, the Safety Management Trend Report includes a large survey of professionals throughout Europe

  • A view to the future:

    What priorities are needed to make occupational safety fit for the future? What should specialists concentrate on now?

Get inspired and learn from each other

The Coronavirus crisis has turned the world upside down and made the topic of health and safety at work an even bigger focus. Home office, hygienic measures and pandemic planning, online instructions and psychological strain are just some of the many topics that those responsible for occupational safety will be keeping at the top of their agendas this year as well.

But what accomplishments and developments will stay with us as we enter a “New Normal”? How much has the push for digitalization changed occupational safety? And, most of all: Are we prepared to face the challenges of the future? The Safety Management Trend Report 2021 answers these questions from a variety of perspectives.

Get a view of the big picture, get inspired and learn from each other, because “the right time to come together and be stronger than ever is now” (Davide Scotti)

A word from the occupational safety experts

Davide Scotti

“I’d like to say that there shouldn't be any competition around health & safety also between companies that are competitors in the industry, there shouldn't be any competition around health and safety. Especially in this phase we are now living (post COVID-19, new normal or whatever you want to call it) and 2021 this it the right time to really get together and be as strongest as ever.”

Davide Scotti
Amy Edmondson

“Safety managers in 2021 should be focusing on the development of human resources to be fully able to show up at work, to bring their authentic voice to work.”

Amy Edmondson
Prof. Christoph Bördlein

“We will increasingly consider, which processes and things can be digitized. Everything that can now be done digitally and will no longer necessarily need personal contact, will continue to be done digitally after the pandemic.”

Prof. Christoph Bördlein
Dr. Anita Tisch

“The COVID-19 crisis also shows us that we are confronted with considerable mental stress in various professions and that occupational health and safety should therefore focus a little more on mental health.”

Dr. Anita Tisch
Andrew Sharman

“But practitioners will also have to make sure that they use this newly gained trust by their companies to broaden the dialogue. Despite bringing the pandemic issues under control, the situation offers great opportunity to also bring other safety-related topics, such as mental health and wellbeing, to the table.”

Andrew Sharman
Tiina Lius

“Safety managers should focus on building convenient wellbeing procedures. The smoother the work processes are, the less unnecessary harm. Excessive workload and hurry are risk factors for burnout and those also increase the risk of injuries.”

Tiina Lius
Eva Barrio

“It will help us to achieve the following vision: To live in more human societies with connected, healthy and safe working environments with a quality OSH aimed at people, the societies and the competitiveness of companies of excellence.”

Eva Barrio

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