Digitalization, Occupational Safety

Safety Management Trend Report 2022

Occupational safety in 2022 is characterized by ESG, Industry 4.0 and safety leadership

Occupational Safety in 2022

We talked with international thought leaders in occupational safety to discover their observations, recommendations, hopes and doubts regarding the biggest future trends in the industry. Read excerpts from these interviews, along with a summary and comparison with expert opinions in the Safety Management Trend Report 2022. 

With the help of a large-scale survey, we get to the bottom of the trends, challenges and opportunities European professionals and managers are facing, and how they plan to handle them in 2022.

A sneak peek at the Trend Report

What you can expect from the Safety Management Trend Report 2022

  • Prognoses:

    What roles do ESG and Industry 4.0 play? Where is Covid-19 accelerating trends? What opportunities are hiding behind the concepts of safety leadership and safety culture? 11 experts from 7 countries reveal the answers.

  • Recommendations:

    The report distills recommendations founded in practice into a condensed guide for professional and managers.

  • Practice:

    The expert recommendations are further supplemented by the opinions of 500 professionals and managers from across Europe. Get the full picture of the current industry atmosphere, from the status quo to important perspectives on the future.