Coronavirus rules for your office

How to create a safe workplace: preventing infection and building trust in the post-Corona world

Many companies have decided it is time to restart work in offices, and are beginning to relax the restrictions imposed during the Coronavirus crisis and allow their employees to return to their workspaces. If this return is carefully planned and prepared for, then employees will not only feel safer in their workspaces, but will also have more faith in those running their company.

Therefore, it is worthwhile to prepare the office space and to communicate proper rules for office life to employees for reasons beyond health protections.

Preparations and actions for your office

But what concrete preparations can be made before the employees come back to work? Can we start using the cafeteria again? And what does safe work look like in practice?

Our infographic “How to get your company ready to work safely during COVID-19: Important ground rules for returning to the office” answers all these questions and more. Download it today!

Healthy home office: Protect your employees

Even though many employers are allowing a gradual return to the office, home office remains an integral part of working life during the Corona pandemic. Ensure that you protect your employees from physical and mental stress and promote productivity and motivation even when working from home. A software for occupational health and safety can be a great help in systematically protecting your employees.

Good to know:

The employees returning to the office need to be handled with the same prudent care as the employees working from home: employers who express concern for the well-being of their employees, wherever they work, and take appropriate measures to safeguard them always score big in employee confidence, loyalty and a stable safety culture.