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Can safety boost your performance?

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Can occupational health and safety drive sustainability performance? Answering this question in a company-specific manner is key to your company's success - both for EHSQ management and your CSRD strategy.

Learn more about the world of GRI reports. As part of an exciting study, we find out how and to what extent occupational health and safety is situated in sustainability reports. The insights of our study are essential if you want to push the topic higher up on your company's agenda.

The magazine also shows how you can close the gap between occupational safety and ESG. Get inspired by our experts! Also find out how to use safety leadership to implement modern occupational health and safety in a curious and creative manner and credibly demonstrate and improve your company's sustainability performance!

Andrew Sharman - Daniel Hummerdal - Stefan Ganzke - Mireya Rifá Fabregat - Marko Kiema - Helena Ranängen - Giancarlo Giudici - Loïc Chavaroche

- International experts featured in this issue -

A first look at VISIONS & VALUES

Look forward to these topics in the first issue of VISIONS & VALUES

  • Occupational health and safety in sustainability reports

    Together with the University of Applied Sciences Zittau/Görlitz, Germany, we conducted a study on sustainability reports of European companies to find out how and to what extent they position occupational health and safety. Find out where specifically the topic can be situated in sustainability reports.

  • Materiality analysis

    Should your management strategy be "Safety First"? For Helena Ranängen and her colleagues, interpreting and prioritizing sustainability goals is part of their daily business. Learn how to understand and balance both stakeholder interests and business success factors.

  • EHSQ & ESG

    What synergies are there between these two fields of work? Why is occupational health and safety a crucial part of ESG strategy and what is it like the other way around? How does ESG impact EHSQ management? Mireya Rifá Fabregat, Marko Kiema, Giancarlo Giudici, and Loïc Chavaroche offer insights.

  • Careers between occupational safety and sustainability

    Mireya Rifá Fabregat and Loïc Chavaroche combine ESG and EHS in their area of responsibility. Where did they start and what steps did they take on their career paths? Get inspired and discover new perspectives for your professional future!

  • Safety leadership

    If you want to advance your company's occupational health and safety performance and, as a result, its ESG ratings, one thing matters most: Safety leadership. Learn more from Stefan Ganzke, Andrew Sharman, and Daniel Hummerdal about in-demand soft skills and how they inspire employees with curiosity and innovation for occupational health and safety and make rather dull compliance topics come alive.