Whitepaper ISO 19600

Compliance management system (CMS) guide

Increasing regulatory density, new liability questions for executives, and a scandal-prompted crisis of reputation have increasingly sensitized organizations to compliance issues. Stakeholders expect companies to ensure compliance along the entire value chain. Do you want to improve your legal and regulatory compliance? A compliance management system (CMS) reduces liability risks and fosters trust. It brings advantages in won contracts, a reduction in borrowing costs, and improves your image.

Since the publication of IS0 19600 in 2014, organizations have been able to orient themselves to a uniform standard for the first time, one that is supported by more than 160 countries. In this whitepaper, you will both learn how to introduce ISO 19600 and how to effectively integrate all members of your company. Also find out how to effectively carry out audits and obtain certification.

In this whitepaper on ISO 19600, you’ll learn how to:

  • Advantages of the standard

  • Introducing the standard

  • Getting employees on board

  • Effective ISO 19600 auditing

  • Obtain certification

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