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With Quentic, you will have your legal compliance field completely under control. Temporary fixes, tangled lists and endless spreadsheets are all things of the past as Quentic combines everything in one to make integrative management a reality.

The central software solution enables you to easily assess your need for action concerning aspects of industrial safety and environmental law. It helps you comply with all internal and external requirements, minimize your liability risk and demonstrate legally compliant processes at all company levels.

Interface legal online data base

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A company is required to comply with numerous laws and regulations. This challenge is best met with a comprehensive system combining all necessary spheres. With the legal compliance software, you can record the legal norms centrally, allowing the involved parties to access them directly. Updates are easy to carry out and coordinate via notifications delivered to authorized individuals. Your legal register is thus always up-to-date. You can conveniently and automatically compare your legal texts with a legal online data base. Thus, you will always be informed in case regulations have changed.

Legal database and legal requirements

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Using the Legal Compliance software, you can record company-relevant laws and regulations and save them to a centralized database, granting direct access to all involved parties, simplifying data maintenance and ensuring an up-to-date legal register. Our built-in interface connects you to an online legal database, ensuring that you stay on top of any new or changing legal stipulations. If changes do need to be made, the Legal Compliance module can assist in quickly and easily setting up an implementation plan with the involved corporate divisions.

Facility database, permits, requirements

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You can record all of your company’s facilities and machines under authorization in the facility database. In the same step, you can document the related permits from the first contact with the authorities to the receipt of your permit. Last but not least, this process makes deadlines, validities and auxiliary conditions more transparent.

Technical inspections at a glance

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In Quentic, you can determine technical inspections and their repetition cycles. The well-structured inspection plan lists all inspection requirements, showing you which item is to be inspected, when and how. Now you can prepare upcoming inspections in no time and record the results in a clearly structured report.

Management of change

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Legal changes and official requirements usually demand process changes within the company that need to be well planned. Quentic offers you the best tool for a successful management of change. Evaluate change requests systematically and give a clear impression of the target state. Dividing the implementation in separate phases increases the liability. Everything is well coordinated as involved parties are integrated immediately.

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Quentic is the ideal solution for your health and safety, environmental protection and sustainability management. Expertly grounded, the web-based software knows your tasks and unites all of the functions that you need.

The software assists you with all HSE and sustainability processes. Documenting, organizing, evaluating – with Quentic you’re done in a jiffy.

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“The increasing demands on companies require a complete, seamless and legally-sound documentation system. This is exactly what Quentic provides.”

Nicolas Tauchnitz, Compliance Management, Berliner Wasserbetriebe