Waste management

With the Quentic Environmental Management software module

As a producer of waste, your company has certain obligations. Quentic helps you comply with environmental regulations by providing a structured register for tracking costs, revenues, and recycling tariffs.

With Quentic, waste management has never been easier.

Record your collections, transport, and disposals

  • Map your waste containers and collection points
  • Catalogue your waste transport and recycling providers
  • Save contact details for your external partners
  • Keep track of your various waste types
  • Keep central records for every type of waste
  • Use standardized codes and descriptions
  • Learn about the best methods of disposal
  • Classify waste as hazardous and attach extra safety instructions

Create waste inventories

Keep accurate disposal logs

  • Document each disposal operation with accompanying notes
  • Keep a close eye on your timeframes and responsibilities
  • Itemize your costs for transportation and disposal, as well as your sales revenue
  • Promote transparency by comparing disposal costs and volumes over time
  • Run simple or comprehensive analyses to monitor waste disposal costs and other important metrics
  • Get a quick, customizable overview of key data on waste management
  • Create graphs and tables and export them to popular Microsoft Office formats

Run powerful analyses

Transporting hazardous waste: a unique scenario

Each Quentic module is powerful on its own. But you can extend the functionality even further by combining several modules. In the Quentic Hazardous Materials software module, for example, you can declare certain waste as hazardous and check that it complies with all restrictions. This saves time and money while keeping your business protected.

Managing hazardous goods with Quentic

With the Quentic Hazardous Materials software module, you can include transport as part of your dangerous goods management system.

Quentic Demo

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“In the past three years we have used the software to record more than 2,000 waste processes – today we can conveniently evaluate this data and, just by the push of a button, visualize it in clearly structured tables and charts. These extensive evaluation possibilities are a major advantage of Quentic.”