Environmental indicators

With the Quentic Environmental Management software module

To assess your environmental performance, you have to measure the relevant indicators. Environmental Management is a dedicated module for collecting complex environmental data based on your own specifications. The module lets you combine various data streams into a single, intuitive system.

With Quentic, analyzing environmental indicators has never been easier.

Define your indicators

  • Identify what needs to be measured and verified
  • Track KPIs such as energy efficiency, waste volumes, recycling levels, and emissions
  • Measure other corporate performance indicators, such as production, organization, and input vs output
  • Define your key indicators with the intuitive equation editor
  • Add your resource flows as variables in your equations
  • Calculate parameters based on your data from electricity, gas, water, waste, emissions, and other sources
  • Create complex indicators with nesting ratios

Effortless calculations

Determine your values

  • Set targets based on maximum and minimum values
  • Set monthly and annual targets for various business areas
  • Compare performance against KPIs
  • Track selected KPIs in the quick overview section
  • Visualize key figures and budget performance in various business areas
  • Export your results to Microsoft Word or Excel

Perform evaluations

Ready-made environmental reports

Quentic offers powerful document management to help you evaluate and report on your environmental performance. Centralized storage and retrieval, as well as individual workflows for review and processing, make handling HSE and CSR documents easier than ever before

From analysis to report

Learn more about the powerful analytical features in the Environmental Management module.

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“In the past three years we have used the software to record more than 2,000 waste processes – today we can conveniently evaluate this data and, just by the push of a button, visualize it in clearly structured tables and charts. These extensive evaluation possibilities are a major advantage of Quentic.”