Management of change

With the Quentic Control of Work software module

For your company to succeed in the long term, improvement and development need to be brought into question constantly. Organizational change—be it on a large or small scale—can be difficult though. Quentic helps you overcome the challenges associated with this and stay on schedule when implementing change.

With Quentic, change management has never been easier.

Identify requirements

  • Record, check, and review change requests
  • Identify which business areas and processes are affected
  • Boost your efficiency, find potential savings, and meet your compliance goals
  • Compare targets with actual performance
  • Communicate the benefits of change transparently
  • Estimate the costs accurately

Clarify goals

Put a plan into action

  • Break the change process down into manageable phases
  • Get feedback from colleagues with opinion polls
  • Invite external consultants to participate
  • Set time frames and assign tasks to those responsible
  • Log your progress at each stage of the process
  • Document change procedures with images and notes
  • See which steps have already been completed and by whom
  • Create change management reports quickly and easily

Record results

Keep up with new developments

Things will inevitably change in your business from one month to the next. Whether it's new regulations being introduced or machines becoming obsolete and needing replacement, the Quentic Processes software module helps you make the necessary changes to your work process and implement them quickly and clearly.

Process management with Quentic

The Quentic Processes software module has everything you need for modelling and developing effective processes in your business.

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