• References: Utility and waste management

    Leading companies in the utility and waste management industry already rely on Quentic

  • Abfallwirtschaft Lahn-Dill is a competent partner for all issues concerning waste disposal in the Lahn-Dill-district.

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  • Austrian Power Grid is Austria's major transmission network operator.

  • AVR Kommunal is a regional disposal company in the Rhine-Neckar district.

  • BayWa is an international group specialized in trading, logistics, agriculture, energy, building materials and digitalization.

  • BSR is one of the leading waste disposal companies in Europas.

  • Berliner Wasserbetriebe is the biggest municipal water distribution company within Germany.

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  • Brüning is an international supplier and disposer, dealing mainly in energy yielding loose raw materials.

  • DB Energie offers tailor-made solutions for the supply of traction power, electricity, gas and diesel fuel.

  • documentus Köln is one of the leading companies for destruction of archive materials.

  • Duisburger Versorgungs- und Verkehrsgesellschaft is a multi service group with a focus on the areas of utilities, mobility, IT and services.

  • ECOWEST Entsorgungsverbund Westfalen is a regional waste management association.

  • EEW Energy from Waste is Germany’s leading company for the latest in waste incineration and the production of energy.

  • evb is a local energy supplier for the city of Eisenach and the surrounding area.

  • EMSCHERGENOSSENSCHAFT und LIPPEVERBAND is one of Germany's largest water companies.

  • Energie SaarLorLux is a local energy supplier for electricity, gas and heating from Saarbrücken.

  • As a local energy supplier, EVR has been supplying Rudolstadt's residents with electricity reliably.

  • ENERTRAG is a European energy supplier, specialized in generating electricity from wind energy.

  • ENGIE Deutschland is part of the ENGIE group, one of the world's leading energy companies.

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  • illwerke vkw is the largest energy supplier in the region of Vorarlberg in Austria.

  • Kommunale Wasserwerke Leipzig is the regional water distribution company of Leipzig.

  • Messer Group is the largest owner-managed gas company in the world.

  • Mineralölhandel Hans Schmidt is a specialist for recycling and disposal of waste oils and wastages.

  • N-ERGIE is one of the ten largest energy suppliers in Germany.

  • Die NBB Netzgesellschaft is a network operator of one of the largest local gas distribution networks in Berlin and Brandenburg.

  • Oldenburg-Ostfriesischer Wasserverband is responsible for the drinking water supply and waste water treatment in the North West of Lower Saxony.

  • Rhein Energie is a local energy supplier for electricity, gas, water and heating.

  • Rhein-Main Deponie (RMD) operates plants for disposal and recycling as well as power plants for renewable energy.

  • Schandl is an internationally operating company in the field of gas and water supply.

  • Scholz is a globally acting steel and metal recycling company.

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  • SIEMENS is a worldwide leader in the field of electronics and electrical engineering. The main business areas are energy, healthcare, industry and infrastructure & cities.

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  • Stadtwerke Flensburg is Germany's most northern energy supplier for innovative energy products.

  • Stadtwerke Leipzig is a municipal energy supply company.

  • Stadtwerke Neuwied is a municipal energy supplier.

  • Stadtwerke Potsdam is among other things responsible for energy and fresh water supply as well as waste water treatment in Potsdam.

  • Stadtwerke Weimar Stadtversorgungs supplies the inhabitants of Weimar with electricity, gas and heat.

  • Städtische Betriebe Roding is a municipal enterprise which is amongst other things responsible for the municipal water supply.

  • Stadtwerke Krefeld is a municipal utility and transport company.

  • SWU Stadtwerke Ulm/Neu Ulm offers comprehensive services in the fields of energy, drinking water, telecommunications and mobility.

  • SEBES is a communal administration unit for the improvement of drinking water supply.

  • TenneT Offshore is an international transmission network operator and subsidiary of TenneT from the Netherlands.

  • Thüringer Energie is a local electric utility company in Thuringia.

  • Uniper Technologies is part of E.ON SE, one of the world's largest electric utility service providers.

  • Vattenfall is one of Europe's leading generators of electricity and heat.

  • Veolia Umweltservice is one of the leading waste disposal companies in Germany.

  • WEMAG is one of the largest suppliers for energie in Mecklenburg region.

  • Wasserverband Eifel-Rur is a modern service association in the field of water resource management.

  • ZVO Entsorgung disposes of the waste from households, public institutions and commercial enterprises throughout Ostholstein.

“Quentic made it easy to directly involve external reviewers. After receiving access rights, they could immediately enter the risk assessments resulting from the on-site inspection, into our system. Everyone was working toward the same goal at the same time.”

Stefan Stengel, HSE Expert, ENGIE Deutschland

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