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Hundreds of sites with enormous storage areas, large facilities and a huge fleet – keeping track of all the necessary permits, requirements, inspections and measures is just one of the daily tasks that the Scholz Recycling GmbH quality management has to face. In order to manage these tasks consistently, efficiently and for several site units simultaneously, the recycling giant Scholz Recycling GmbH started using the online software Quentic in 2010.

Ever since, the extensive management solution for health and safety has been used in various business areas. This led to the certifications according to ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2008 and the Ordinance on Specialized Waste Management Companies (EfbV).

About Scholz

As an international company with more than 7,500 employees at around 500 sites, the company group Scholz Recycling ranks among the worldwide leaders in the recycling industry. With a particular focus on recycling steel and metal scrap, the business has been run by the family for more than 140 years. Moreover, it offers different services, for example, the refinement and trade of secondary raw materials such as iron, stainless steel, copper and aluminum.

XXL installations and equipment

Shredder installations, bailing presses, scrap shears, cable installations, rail breakers and drop weight testers – enormous plants like these are typical for Scholz Recycling sites. In addition, the company is equipped with about 1,000 trucks, 700 excavators, and a total storage area the size of more than 1,400 football fields. These figures make it difficult to keep track of everything, and taking care of all the required verification duties becomes a real challenge. More than 80 subsidiaries already make up part of Scholz Recycling company group, and in this growth progress, the required occupational health and safety standards need to be established on a global level. Only then can the structures of quality and environmental management be guaranteed in the long-run.

Legally compliant at every site

Numerous internal and external audits, repeated inspections, permits, requirements, process analyses and the determination of measures – this means a tremendous amount of time and effort as well as high costs that simply cannot be managed without any IT support at this scale and on an international level. When and where is the next maintenance necessary, and for which installation? What is its current status? For Scholz Recycling, there was only one solution that displays processes across all sites and provides supervision of all the business areas.

Reporting tool and universal cockpit solution

The choice for the Quentic web-based management software took place at the end of 2010. Going beyond the usual subject areas in health and safety, the recycling leader uses the system as a universal cockpit solution, communication platform and reporting tool for several areas in order to standardize and reduce the processes within the entire company. Quentic clearly displays defined management programs and their aims, as well as deducted measures and responsibilities with their effects, which can then easily be evaluated for each site.

Online technology for maximum flexibility

Due to its modern technology and the use of Software as a Service, Quentic can be accessed from several sites simultaneously. This ensures that every person involved can conveniently access exactly the same data record. The integrated document management system keeps important documents up-to-date and makes them immediately available. Hundreds of employees can therefore enter information about equipment and installations into one central system, where it can be modified and supervised during the entire period of application. The result is a visualization of the entire process – from the financial parameters of acquisition to the permit, including data on the Ordinance on Facilities for Handling Substances Hazardous to Water, and to the final record of all the legal requirements and necessary examination measures.

Since 2010 Scholz is using the following Quentic modules:

  • Quentic Core

  • Health & Safety

  • Risks & Audits

  • Hazardous Chemicals

  • Legal Compliance

  • Environmental Management

  • Processes

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