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Whitepaper Sustainability Management

12 key areas to benefit your business

Many companies face unprecedented scrutiny over their social and environmental impact. A raft of new legislation has thrown the spotlight on issues such as greenhouse gas emissions, human rights in the supply chain, and the contribution businesses are making to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). At the same time, businesses are increasingly seeing the commercial and reputational value of going green. More and more companies are investing in what we call structured sustainability management.

Structured sustainability management is not simply a “nice to have”, tacked on to existing business processes for charitable reasons. Nor is it merely an umbrella term for the health, safety, and environmental protections that you already use. Rather, structured sustainability management is a new way of thinking about corporate governance. It’s a comprehensive approach that brings together a diverse range of stakeholders. Implemented correctly, it opens up new possibilities for business growth.

This whitepaper outlines the 12 key areas in which structured sustainability management can benefit your business.

12 Key areas to benefit your business with structured sustainability management. Ways to systematically exploit stakeholder demands and influence as well market opportunities and how to align your corporate actions:

  • Lower costs, less risk

  • Meeting stakeholders’ expectations

  • Improved market opportunities

  • Ensuring business success

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