Easy as ABC

Opens directly in the browser, realistic layout, user-friendly interface.


Modular and expandable, office interfaces. Work multilingually and regardless of location.


Proven and robust system, suitable for your management systems ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and ISO 45001.


Continuous adaptation to HSE standards, regular updates.

The innovative technology behind Quentic provides endless possibilities, whether for the Intranet or the Internet. Choose between the SaaS rental version (Software as a Service) and the Enterprise version, and get ahead with the flexible and future-proof system.

Due to the modular setup of Quentic, its range of application can be expanded at any time – without any hassle. Therefore, the software will grow alongside your company. Regular updates ensure that you are always technically and professionally up-to-date.

SaaS Terms of Use (PDF, 182 KB)

Quentic is also available as the convenient online version, Software as a Service. This implementation option provides you with maximum flexibility and spares your budget:

  • No capital commitment, as there is no high initial investment
  • Low monthly fees
  • No installation necessary
  • Work together across sites and regardless of location
  • Maximum data security and availability
  • Updates immediately integrated
  • No additional costs for administrators and system specialists
  • Standardization and focus on the latest IT solutions

In addition to the primarily used SaaS rental version Quentic can be installed on company owned servers and used as Enterprise solution.

We are working with a high-security data processing center that is up to 30% more energy efficient than conventional data processing centers, thanks to the use of the latest Green IT:

  • Use of electricity-saving Green IT
  • 100% eco-power throughout the entire data processing center
  • Neutral carbon footprint is climate-friendly
  • Optimum use of IT resources

“SaaS or Enterprise? We will assist you in finding the right implementation option for your business. Every one of our customers receives a future-proof system tailored to their needs.”

Mark Knill,
Chief Sales Officer (CSO)

Quentic Mark Knill
Quentic Mark Knill
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