Quentic SaaS-Version

Minimum requirements Recommended configuration
2 GHz Processor Dualcore 2x2 GHz Processor or faster
2 GB RAM 4 GB RAM or more
1280 x 720 Resolution 1920 x 1080 Resolution
Network and Internet connection Network and Internet connection
MS Windows 7 Operating system MS Windows 10 Operating system
MS Internet Explorer 11 Web browser or alternative browser* MS Internet Explorer 11 Web browser or alternative browser*
Microsoft Office 2007 Microsoft Office 2007** or newer

* Alternative browsers: MS Edge 44, Google Chrome Enterprise 67, Mozilla Firefox ESR 60
** Recommended for display of reports in RTF format and of other exported data in XLS format

Awards and accolades

Anforderungen Webbrowser

Requirements web browser:

  • Activation of JavaScript (AJAX [Asynchronous JavaScript and XML] is used for enhanced user guidance)
  • File uploads and downloads must be enabled in order to ensure the intended use of the integrated document management system

Enterprise version

Are you interested in the Quentic Enterprise version? We will be happy to send you further information about the system requirements of the Enterprise version upon request.

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