Incident management software

Quentic Health & Safety

Accidents and safety issues demand prompt attention. But don't stress: Quentic has the software you need to manage incidents effectively. Make it easy for your employees to report and log incidents as soon as they occur. Put the right protective measures in place immediately, and create detailed incident reports with the click of a mouse.

With Quentic, incident management has never been easier.

Report the incidents

  • Report events—such as near misses, personal injury, and property damage—quickly and easily
  • Notify the responsible person immediately
  • Keep everyone in the loop with automatic email notifications
  • Evaluate each incident from a central interface
  • Register the time and date of accidents automatically
  • Analyze the cause of accidents and implement protective measures
  • Create internal incident reports with your own formatting and style at the click of a mouse

Assess the situation

Report accidents

  • Create legally-compliant accident reports easily
  • Export your reports in various formats (post, fax, XML, etc.)
  • Protect sensitive data by setting user access levels
  • Track statistics on different kinds of events and incidents
  • Visualize your statistics with tables, charts, and diagrams
  • Monitor important metrics, such as lost workdays, 1000-man rates, and incident frequencies

Evaluate your track record

Protect sensitive data

Quentic combines a user-friendly interface with highly sophisticated functionality. Authorization control helps you manage sensitive data more effectively. You can grant each employee the appropriate access level, and even control access to individual documents, such as accident reports.

Report incidents from your smartphone

With the Quentic app, you can report incidents when and where they happen, complete with notes and photos.

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Test Quentic free of charge and without obligation.

“Quentic made it easy to directly involve external reviewers. After receiving access rights, they could immediately enter the risk assessments resulting from the on-site inspection, into our system. Everyone was working toward the same goal at the same time.”