Integrated Management Systems for the manufacturing industry

Integrated software for your EHSQ & ESG management

Benefits of an IMS:


IMS helps streamline and integrate various processes and systems, reducing duplication of efforts and resources.


An IMS can help ensure compliance with various regulations and standards, such as ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.

Cost reduction

Optimizing processes and resource allocation through IMS can lead to cost savings through efficient use of resources.


IMS supports a culture of communication within the company, leading to more effective operations, problem solving and overall success in the manufacturing industry.

Increasing efficiency: Addressing the challenges of manufacturing

In the manufacturing industry, the journey to digitization is not always easy. Managing and centralizing large volumes of data is a huge and extensive task. In addition, the assignment of tasks, both internally and externally, and managing contracts is a particular challenge. The complexity of ISO standards can enhance the problem, leading to information overload and confusion.  

In this context, it is critical to find innovative solutions that streamline data management, improve contract execution, and ensure seamless ISO compliance. An integrated management system (IMS) can help manufacturing companies to enhance efficiency and ensure full compliance.

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IMS Solution Sheet

Learn how Quentic solutions support the operation of an IMS.

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How an IMS can help the manufacturing industry

Integrated Management Systems (IMS) simplify and streamline complex requirements, reducing redundancies and enhancing efficiency. They offer a unified approach, ensuring everyone works toward common goals while complying with ISO standards. IMS harmonize multiple systems for consistent, effective management across domains.

Learn more about Integrated Management Systems in our Whitepaper “Integrated Management Systems”.

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