Occupational Safety

5 EHSQ productivity hacks

How to make the most of your working time

3 minutes05/25/2016

Written by Fredrik Löfberg

We all know that you want to do things easier and faster. You want to increase productivity. Focus needs to be on the things that really matter. This way you'll achieve the results that management is expecting. Time management is a crucial factor to get things done on time while maintain high quality in your output. I’ve collected 5 different productivity hacks how to increase your EHSQ productivity to the next level. I use them myself all the time when working with our customers in EHSQ related matters and also to same extend at our own office.

Get things done on the first time

This is probably the simplest thing but hard to achieve at first. You will be more effective if you do things to the end at once. This means that if you are doing an audit or reporting something else you should complete it on the first time. When you are returning all the time to the same task you will have a lot of context switch and you will decrease your productivity over 50 % at the worst. So remember, get shit done.

Take more pictures to increase productivity

Writing everything takes a lot of time. So why not take just more pictures that explains the situation easily to others. Pictures are one of the biggest things since slices bread in EHSQ management. They really bring the information alive and people understand easily what has happened.

Delegate task, do not do everything yourself

Delegate, delegate, delegate. You have amazing talents in your organization. You are not the only one who can do things. So when you have findings on your inspection walk or in your audits assign them to the correct persons at once and allow your EHSQ system to do the follow-up and reminders automatically.

Give more responsibility to people

Take responsibility to the lowest level of your organization. You can’t of course escape your legal responsibility, but you can increase productivity by giving people more responsibility of their EHSQ work and their own work. They will appreciate the trust you put in them and suddenly you have automated a big part of your safety management. Your EHSQ Management solution will collect the information and visualize it for you. You will have a good holistic view of your organization. Just sit down in your office you follow everything what’s happening in your organization.

Define deadlines

Lead yourself also. Set a target time that you have to do the audit or quality inspection. Reserve the time in our calendar and put your phone on mute. This way you will learn how much time you need and can really start to improve your time usage. Most of us are lazy and if we don’t have deadlines for things we will use more time than we anticipate.

If you implement all these, I guarantee you have to think what to do with the extra time you have on hands. If you are fully booked all the time and doing things in a rush, your will get exhausted and your productivity will decrease even more. That’s a vicious circle that can only be broken with systematical time management!