Legal certainty

Minimize your liability! Protect the health of your guests and third party visitors.

In advance: Online

For more flexibility. You can carry out instruction on the road or in advance online.

On-site: Terminal

Thanks to the guest ID, simply log in and get started.


Quentic automatically records acquired qualifications. Verification is guaranteed.

Current occupational health and safety regulations stipulate that everything must be done to prevent accidents, work-related illnesses and risks. In addition to ensuring health and safety at the workplace for employees, the same protection has to be extended to third parties and on-site visitors.

Quentic provides you with all the technical requirements to conveniently train guests and third- party visitors on health and safety topics. Whether at the company’s internal terminal on site or in advance online, the intuitive HSE-software makes instruction even more convenient.

At separate terminals, your visitors and third parties can log into Quentic by using a personal ID. The required instruction is automatically displayed on the screen and can be started immediately. If necessary, the guest or third-party visitor will receive a certificate to confirm their successful participation in the training.

Quentic gives your guests the opportunity to carry out instruction online in advance of their visit. It’s that easy: You enter the required information about the guest into Quentic and send them an invitation with a link directly from the system. The guest will receive limited access that only permits them to run the online training. Your advantage: Both sides are protected and time is saved, which means the visit is spent focusing on the job at hand.

The Quentic terminal-user interface for third party and guest instruction is available in more than 15 languages.

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