Prepare sustainability reports

With the Quentic Sustainability software module

Analyzing a variety of environmental, economic, and social factors helps you provide stakeholders with a thorough sustainability report. This is even more of an important topic for large businesses since corporate social responsibility (CSR) reporting became compulsory. Quentic is here to help. Use our powerful evaluation tools to present your sustainability data clearly and convincingly.

With Quentic, analyzing and reporting sustainability data has never been easier.

Perform evaluations

  • Analyze data in various ways and visualize the results with charts and diagrams
  • Analyze data, such as costs and discrepancies, from specific departments
  • Convert units and currencies automatically
  • Save evaluations and reuse them later
  • See your most important sustainability data at a glance
  • Create quick custom overviews for specific indicators, such as energy consumption, recycling quotas, emission levels, or accident frequencies

Track long-term trends

Create reports

  • Export analyses and charts to Microsoft Word or Excel
  • Compile selected information and publish it as a report
  • Adapt report templates to your own corporate design
  • Stay on top of your workflow with intelligent version control, document management, and restricted access levels

Manage reports

Standardize measurement units

When you collect sustainability data from many sources, you often have to deal with different units of measurement. Quentic solves this by automatically converting and merging all values into your evaluation correctly—especially useful for international companies.

Manage documents with Quentic

Our integrated management system keeps your CSR documents up-to-date and organized.

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Are you familiar with the 12 advantages of a structured sustainability management? Discover how companies can sink costs and risks, fulfill stakeholder expectations, improve their chances on the market and therefore …

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Quentic Sustainability

Evaluate your social, ecological and economical areas of action centrally with EHS software. Discover how to exchnage information, encourage collaboration and create a solid basis for decision-making.

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How can efficient environmental and resource management reach many locations around the globe? Voith, a technology company with global reach, has been making this a reality with Quentic since 2011.

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“We have created a solid foundation for our reporting of all ecological aspects of sustainability by implementing a centralized system. The effort required to record, verify and evaluate data has been reduced significantly since we can automatize many work steps with Quentic.”