Standardized sustainability data

With the Quentic Sustainability software module

The quality and plausibility of your data plays an important role in your company’s sustainability efforts. That’s why Quentic helps you keep data standardized and consistent as it's collected, tested, validated, and approved.

With Quentic, getting valid sustainability data has never been easier.

Improve data quality

  • Get assistance as you input sustainability indicators, then compare current and previous values
  • Define which data is compulsory to ensure completeness
  • Request additional comments and supporting evidence when discrepancies are found
  • Add key information on company, location, and department automatically
  • Keep your sustainability data clear, coherent, and well-structured
  • Evaluate your data with total flexibility
  • Avoid problems with different versions of data—Quentic ensures that indicators can only have one value at any time or place

Standardize data

Validate data

  • Check indicators for plausibility
  • Compare values from different departments
  • Compare current and previous values
  • Get an overview of a specific indicator’s performance over time
  • Calculate absolute values, year-to-date trends, rolling sums, and cost-per-value ratios
  • Inspect data, add comments, and log the results
  • Protect the integrity of data by restricting access to authorized users only
  • Get automatic notifications when data is approved or sent back for correction
  • Lock data to prevent any further changes once it has been approved

Approve validated data

Decentralized reporting, centrally organized

Quentic gives you the best of both worlds—your colleagues can independently input data from their own computers, which is then saved and organized in a central database. Intelligent version control and reminders ensure that you never lose track of data.

Need to prepare a sustainability report?

Once all data has been approved, use Quentic to create descriptive evaluations for your sustainability report.

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Quentic Sustainability

Evaluate your social, ecological and economical areas of action centrally with EHS software. Discover how to exchnage information, encourage collaboration and create a solid basis for decision-making.

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How can efficient environmental and resource management reach many locations around the globe? Voith, a technology company with global reach, has been making this a reality with Quentic since 2011.

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“We have created a solid foundation for our reporting of all ecological aspects of sustainability by implementing a centralized system. The effort required to record, verify and evaluate data has been reduced significantly since we can automatize many work steps with Quentic.”