As one of the leading infrastructure construction companies in Scandinavia and the Baltics, a strong safety reputation is essential to Empower’s success. However, with more than 1,700 employees working on site across five different countries, maintaining a strong health and safety culture hasn’t always been easy for this €253m annual turnover company. That’s why Empower turned to Quentic to enhance its EHS management capabilities following a recommendation from a client. “Safety and quality plays a really big role in our business,” explains Erkki-Jussi Ojanen, Site Manager at Empower. “We are a service company, and the health and safety side of our business has to be up to the same standard as we set for our highly-skilled technicians, working on demanding construction and installation projects.”

In 2014, the senior team at Empower heard about Quentic from one of their clients, who was already seeing substantial improvements as a result of working with the EHS management expert. The Quentic App is largely used for safety, quality and progress reporting on project sites, very much in collaboration with other clients. This collaboration feature allows clients to see what is happening in real-time on their sites. Within Empower, in addition to being used by site managers, a number of personnel working on site is using the solution too.

One of the biggest cultural changes that Quentic has enabled at Empower organization is the switch from physical to digital safety reporting. Previously, Empower had managed all its safety documentation via printed forms, which resulted in difficulties acquiring the right papers for inspections, and then also made the processing documentation more time consuming than needed.

Transitioning to the Quentic App greatly reduced the number of steps required to conduct safety inspections and file the subsequent reports. This has been a particularly welcome change for staff members out in the field, who previously experienced difficulties in acquiring the correct paperwork quickly and easily. Quentic has radically simplified this process for many at Empower.

“Safety reporting is no longer just taking place in the office.” Erkki-Jussi Ojanen explains. “The Quentic solution is cloud-based, so all data is stored in one place, meaning our staff can upload and access information wherever they are.” In addition, the speed at which safety checks can be submitted through smartphones or tablets has freed up Empower employees to devote more time to the most enriching and valuable aspects of their work.

One thing that was very important to Empower when rolling out the app was that the technology could be easily used by its workforce. The Quentic App more than fulfils this requirement, being very simple to operate, and offering in-app assistance for nearly all aspects of EHS management forms at the click of a button. Also, the fact they can complete a form in real time while conducting a site visit makes it easier than ever to report back with information that is accurate to the minute. And not only that: the quality of information coming through has also improved. Empower is already reporting more comprehensive safety observations, quicker responses to reported problems, and better benchmarks for measuring safety improvements.

Empower has been especially impressed with the results that the switch to Quentic have generated so far. “We would recommend the Quentic App because it makes it much easier to report health and safety information on-site,” Erkki-Jussi Ojanen concludes. “And because it is cloud-based, problems can be shared quickly, and tasks set for relevant people in the company to repair the issue.” Empower is now working towards a future in which the safety management capabilities of its entire workforce are improved.

  • Pushed EHS management to the top of the business agenda
  • Reduced paperwork and manual filing
  • Brought convenience to remote site locations
  • Increased the accuracy and speed of safety reporting
  • Made it easier to implement actionable safety tasks
  • Automated safety reporting, allowing staff to concentrate on added-value tasks

Since 2014, Empower has been using the Quentic App to push EHS management to the top of the business agenda.

“The Quentic App has already made us a safer business. It is much easier for staff to report any issues, because the solution is easy to use and they can fill it out through their phone, enabling people to submit reports straight away.”

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