Managing bio-substances according to EU standards with Quentic 14.0

November 28, 2022

With Release 14.0, Quentic now also offers bio-substances management in its portfolio of software and service solutions for HSEQ (Health, Safety, Environment, Quality) and ESG (Environment, Social, Governance). The new module component "Biological Agents" enables companies to maintain a well-organized bio-substance inventory that also strengthens the respective compliance. The specifically designed record forms are based on the requirements of the European Directive 2000/54/EC. 

Companies that handle biological agents, or bio-substances for short, bear a special responsibility for the safety and health of their employees and for environmental protection. In the targeted use of microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria or fungi. In the laboratory for example: clear labeling and rules for a planned and controllable procedure are necessary, for example, to prevent infections and the spread of said virus. In addition, untargeted activities that create potential contact points with biomaterials must also be safeguarded, for example when water samples of unknown composition are taken and analyzed.

To support companies with such challenges, Quentic is expanding the "Hazardous Substances" software module with the "Biological Agents" component in version 14.0. " The new functions within the component,  accompany our customers practically in their daily work and at the same time strengthen their compliance. After all, the structure of the new bio-substance data record form, follows the specifications set in the European Directive 2000/54/EC. Additionally, “Valuable feedback from test users with relevant expertise was incorporated into the development," explains Dr. Mario Lenz, Chief Product Officer at Quentic.

If biochemicals are used in operations, it is not only necessary to keep a corresponding RISK register, the risks associated with the substances must also be analyzed and protective measures identified. Accordingly, Quentic users can immediately create the intended risk assessments and operating instructions for the various areas of application in the company. Ready-to-use documents for distribution are generated without fuss at the click of a mouse.

Flexible visitor management

Version 14.0 of the Quentic platform also addresses the requirements of different groups of people, whose interaction is crucial for successful HSEQ and ESG management, in an even more differentiated way than before. This makes visitor management and the review of reported incidents, e.g. on safety or quality issues, even simpler and more efficient. The various parties involved - internal and external, employees and management - are optimally integrated into the company processes. Each person can carry out the step intended for him or her without much effort, whether it is the external call for a visitor briefing while on the road or the internal derivation of a corrective and improvement measure. Quentic ensures that the related information is maintained centrally, and new tasks are seamlessly transferred to those responsible.

Different user requirements

Furthermore, quick overviews will be tailored even more closely to different user groups in the future, so that the specific requirements of production employees, managers and HSEQ specialists are also better taken into account here. In this way, for example, due tasks and upcoming instructions remain in view or site-specific lists of hazardous substances can be called up together with the associated safety instructions.


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    Dr. Mario Lenz, CPO of Quentic

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