Integrated Incident Management with Quentic 13.0

January 26, 2021

  • Dashboard Incidents & Observations on Laptop and Smartphone
  • Two EHS Managers with Incidents & Observations Dashboard
  • Timo Kronlöf, product manager and EHS expert at Quentic

The new Incidents & Observations module fosters workforce engagement in EHS-culture with customizable events and full mobile integration for incident management and reporting

Software as a Service vendor Quentic has announced the release of version 13.0 of its platform and app for health, safety and environmental management (EHS) and corporate social responsibility (CSR). With this update, the company delivers an entirely new module, making Incidents & Observations into a standalone solution for reporting, managing, reviewing, solving and following up upon all types of observations across the entire spectrum of EHS activities. Together with enhanced and customizable reporting and complete mobile access to the full incident management cycle, Quentic opens up to modern safety approaches while also providing a practical tool to occupational COVID-19 management. In addition, Quentic has enhanced reporting functionality and integration of Enhesa’s legal regulatory content.

Software as a Service provider Quentic has announced the release of version 13.0 of its platform and app for health, safety and environmental management (EHS) and corporate social responsibility (CSR). With this update, the company is introducing a new module to its integrated EHS solution, which takes digital incident management to a new level. Incidents & Observations gives users a tool to engage their workforce in safety while also allowing for a holistic approach to incident and observation management across all areas of EHS.

Customizable incident categories foster flexibility and modern safety approaches

The new module allows users to track and analyze not only typical damages, such as accidents or environmental harm, but also other types of EHS-related situations, such as damages to property, security breaches or even quality claims.  

In addition to pre-defined occurrences, the new core functionality of Incidents & Observations allows EHS managers to configure custom events of any kind, including positive observations. “With Quentic 13.0, we are opening up the platform and app to support even more modern safety approaches and methods, such as Behavior Based Safety or Safety II, which are a major lever to excellence in EHS,” states Timo Kronlöf, product manager and EHS expert at Quentic. “With Incidents & Observations, we are bringing an effective tool to EHS managers, supervisors and line-management, with which they can embrace such modern safety approaches digitally,”  

Engaging the workforce with integrated mobile access

One of the keys to workforce engagement in EHS is providing easy-to-use and readily accessible means of reporting. This major update lets users report any observation by means of the SaaS platform or the Quentic App. In both cases, data is managed consistently and the full incident management cycle is covered in the software. With Quentic’s advanced Analytics tool, users can monitor all types of events, positive or negative, in the dedicated interactive dashboards now also accessible in the Quentic App.

Managing COVID-19 with a fully digital process

The flexibility of being able to create all types of incidents and observations also supports organizations in managing the COVID-19 pandemic. Users can use the new Incidents & Observations module to record pandemic-related incidents, such as confirmed and suspected COVID-19 cases. Employees, managers and even third parties, such as contractors, can report these flexibly in a dedicated browser form, on the Quentic Platform or in the Quentic App. EHS managers, members of a Corona taskforce or any person dedicated to this task can then track and follow up on incidents related to COVID-19 within the new module. Furthermore, Quentic has enabled advanced contact tracing by implementing a new guest management feature that can generate an overview of all visitors and their precise visiting times in one click.  

Enhanced features for custom EHS and audit reports  

In addition to the new module, Quentic is also rolling out a new report generation engine, allowing users to create customizable reports for a wide range of EHS data from incident and audit reports to permits to work. The powerful template engine supports customization of data, layouts and report structures as well as a variety of output formats, enabling users to adjust reports to match corporate needs and maintain flexibility. Due to the integrated custom report service and data management, reports will also be available in the Quentic Platform as well as the Quentic App.  

Automated compliance with integrated Enhesa electronic regulatory publishing

Audit capabilities will further benefit from the enhanced integration of Enhesa content. The market leader in global environmental, health and safety compliance assurance seamlessly provides international legal registers and automated updates to the Quentic Platform via a new partner interface. Quentic combines legal compliance audit capabilities and findings management with multilingual audit questionnaires in an out-of-the-box approach that is both defined and process-stable.  

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Dashboard Incidents & Observations on Laptop and Smartphone

Two EHS Managers with Incidents & Observations Dashboard

Timo Kronlöf, product manager and EHS expert at Quentic


About Enhesa

Enhesa is partner to multinational corporations that want to help make the world a better place. We help our clients be true, contributing members of society with comprehensive EHS and product compliance intelligence. Over the past 25 years, Enhesa has built a knowledge base of EHS and product regulatory content in more than 300 jurisdictions, translated into clear and usable requirements in more than 30 local languages for businesses to overcome communication barriers and understand the keys to compliance. Our approach to centralized, standardized global EHS and product compliance enables companies to establish common ground across their entire global business – ensuring site-to-site consistency and collaboration. It is our mission to help our clients comply with confidence – today, tomorrow, across the globe.

About Quentic

Quentic is one of the leading Software as a Service providers in the European EHS and CSR market. The company is headquartered in Berlin, Germany, and employs over 250 personnel. Branch offices are located in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Spain and Italy. Over 750 customers have already chosen Quentic software solutions to strengthen their EHS and CSR management.  

With ten individually combinable modules, the platform excels in managing Health & Safety, Risks & Audits, Incidents & Observations, Hazardous Chemicals, Control of Work, Legal Compliance, Online Instructions, Processes, Environmental Management and Sustainability. Quentic is currently supporting numerous companies in implementing new occupational safety standards to fight the COVID-19 pandemic with ready-to-use instructional content and risk assessments in combination with the Health & Safety and Online Instructions modules. The platform is also suited to supporting comprehensive management systems in compliance with ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and ISO 45001.