Information safety at Quentic tested against strict TISAX® criteria

September 23, 2020

  • Markus Becker, CEO of Quentic

Quentic has undergone the highest assessment level of the TISAX® certification process. The European provider of software and services for Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has already been certified by the cross-industry ISO/IEC 27001 standard. By undergoing the stricter, industry-specific TISAX® audit, Quentic demonstrates its commitment to achieving the highest level of information security. 

Occupational health, safety and environmental management have become increasingly important, especially in the recent weeks and months in both the public eye and within organizations. Whether managing challenges in the environmental sphere or the COVID crisis, organizations in all industries rely on digital solutions to meet their company objectives. With its web-based software platform and mobile app, the EHS software vendor Quentic supports more than 750 companies worldwide in digitally strengthening their Environment, Health and Safety Management (EHS) and Corporate Social Responsibility reporting (CSR). A large part of the Quentic customer base are branch leaders in the automotive sector and their key suppliers. Therefore, Quentic has chosen to undergo the rigorous auditing process of the industry standard for information security and is now listed as a TISAX® participant. The test results are available to registered users via the TISAX® portal.

As an integrated software solution, Quentic combines tasks, data and processes across the fields of EHS and CSR. Because a great deal of company and personnel data come together in this realm, information and data security is a very high priority and has always been handled with the utmost caution. This is one of the reasons why Quentic was previously able to obtain the international standard of certification ISO/IEC 27001 for its IT services, consulting activities and its software platform offering available online. 

TISAX® was developed by the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) specifically for suppliers and service providers across the automobile supply chain. The standard is based on an audit catalog derived from ISO/IEC 27001 and adapted to fit the requirements of the automobile industry, which are stricter in certain areas. For example, TISAX® incorporates specific requirements for Cloud-based service providers that are not included in the ISO standard. “As a SaaS solution provider, the confidentiality of our data is our greatest asset. We are happy that our cooperation with TISAX® is able to reaffirm the high level of information security our customers can expect.” says Markus Becker, CEO of Quentic.

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Markus Becker, CEO of Quentic


About TISAX®

TISAX®, which stands for Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange, audits companies and enables widespread recognition of the results among registered members. TISAX® is run by the ENX Association, which is a collaboration between automobile manufacturers, suppliers and national automobile associations.

About Quentic

Quentic is one of the leading Software as a Service providers in the European EHS and CSR market. The company is headquartered in Berlin, Germany, and employs over 250 personnel. Branch offices are located in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Spain and Italy. Over 750 customers have already chosen Quentic software solutions to strengthen their EHS and CSR management. 

With nine individually combinable modules, the online software service covers Health & Safety, Risks & Audits, Control of Work, Hazardous Chemicals, Legal Compliance, Online Instructions, Processes, Environmental Management and Sustainability. Quentic is currently supporting numerous companies in implementing new occupational safety standards to fight the COVID-19 pandemic with ready-to-use instructional content and risk assessments in combination with the Health & Safety and Online Instructions modules. The platform is also suited to supporting comprehensive management systems in compliance with ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and ISO 45001.