Confirmed training with Quentic 14.2

October 06, 2023

Version 14.2 of the Quentic Platform was released in early October as Software as a Service (SaaS). Updates include convenient confirmation of training participation anytime and anywhere, quick overviews that can be tailored to the needs of different user groups, and improved management of reported EHSQ incidents.

Digitally confirm training participation

One of the duties of employers and managers is to provide regular training to employees on health and safety in the workplace. To increase transparency and commitment on all sides, Quentic 14.2 enables digital confirmation of participation in on-site and online trainings, ensuring automatic and clear documentation. This simplifies the process for organizers by eliminating the need to keep separate lists. Participants, in turn, can be assured that their training efforts are verifiable. Last but not least, by eliminating paper lists, the new approach contributes to the company’s focus on environment and sustainability.

Key information at a glance

The Quentic Platform start page provides a clear overview of current tasks, upcoming deadlines, and relevant EHSQ data for each person. This means that the most important information is at your fingertips when you need it. In the latest version of Quentic, the display can be more specifically and flexibly adapted to the needs of the various user groups in the company: Administrators can now control who has access to which areas and features of the personal start page. This takes into account that production workers, for example, need different use cases in Quentic than managers or EHSQ professionals.

Report and seamlessly track incidents

Quentic 14.2 simplifies the procedures involved in reporting, processing, and evaluating both positive and negative EHSQ-relevant incidents. The streamlined flow, from case reporting by an employee to the handover to the responsible position, ensures that all steps are tracked seamlessly and on time. In addition, it is possible to clearly mark the processing of individual cases as completed, which increases revision safety. Quentic’s accident statistics provide evaluations at the click of a button and can now optionally be related to subordinate levels in the business structure for a complete overview.