Quentic recognized as a Specialist in ESG Reporting and Data Management Software report

July 28, 2023

In its 2023 global report “Green Quadrant EHS Software 2023”, the independent research firm Verdantix has named Quentic a leading software solution provider for environment, health and safety (EHS). Now, Quentic also received recognition as a Specialist in the ESG Reporting and Data Management Software market.

In the Green Quadrant: ESG Reporting And Data Management Software report, Verdantix finds that Quentic has strengths in Materiality assessments. The company from Berlin received the third highest score in this category. “Using Quentic’s Risks & Audits module, customers can conduct a materiality analysis that reflects their business needs – choosing, for example, whether to evaluate financial materiality, stakeholder importance or impact materiality. Users can further customize their materiality analysis by assessing different risk categories (for example, policy and technology risks) on various scales (for example, level of risks, risk mitigation capability)”, Verdantix explains in its report.

Quentic also received a good score for regulated and mandatory reporting. The report states “Quentic customers can track and collect data on their firm’s activities and investments, including energy consumption, emissions and waste management. EU Taxonomy-eligible economic activities can be identified and assessed against the taxonomy criteria, and customers can then set up visualizations to see how CAPEX (capital expenditure) and OPEX (operational expenditure) map to taxonomy-aligned activities”. Additionally, through Quentic’s Legal Compliance module, users can document, maintain and review legislative requirements and legal obligations. Verdantix confirms that Quentic is “an ideal ESG provider for organizations, which are seeking a configurable platform to manage their sustainability programmes.”

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