New features for protecting employees and visitors

December 11, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic and the currently high infection rate continue to pose major challenges for occupational health and safety. To support its customers, Quentic has implemented two new software features that help protect employees and visitors. 

For several weeks now, Quentic users have been able to access new hygiene symbols when creating operating instructions. In addition to the already established symbols "Wash your hands" and "Use barrier cream", the symbols for the pandemic "Wear mask", "Keep minimum distance", "Disinfect hands" and "Ventilate rooms" are now also available to clearly display current protective measures against COVID-19. 

The latest Quentic Update adds another COVID-19 feature for visitor management. This allows companies to quickly and easily initiate the tracking of contact persons in a COVID-19 case, even among visitors. As soon as a positive case among your visitors becomes known, a report can be generated with a mouse click, listing all other visitors who were on your premises at the same time. The affected persons can be contacted promptly to discuss the further procedure.