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Our name has changed, but you can continue to rely on your trusted software solution and points-of-contact at our company. On October 11th, 2018, EcoIntense GmbH, EcoWebDesk and NordSafety will officially merge and become Quentic. We are taking this step to unite our range of products and our corporate worlds together under one roof.

This page is desgined to answer any questions you may have about the brand change. Do you have further topics you would like to discuss? Our support team is happy to assist you. You can find their contact details in the FAQ below.

New look, same mission

What drives us

Our corporate values remain the same as always: We strive to make meaningful contributions to society, people, and the environment through our work. Our employees are only satisfied when customers are able to permanently optimize their HSE and CSR management.

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Our grand new brand

Why we are changing our name

What started in Berlin with a vision of a greener future, has grown into a company with over 150 employees in six countries. When we first launched our software in 2008, "Eco" stood for our focus on environmental management, while "WebDesk" referred to internet-based desktop computer use.

Over the years, we have expanded into a much broader range of services - from Occupational Health & Safety and Legal Compliance to Risk & Audit Management and Sustainability Management. With the acquisition of NordSafety in 2017, we have expanded our product portfolio with a forwarding-looking and user-friendly app solution.

By opening further European locations we are able to support more and more internationally operating customers.

That is why we have decided to merge EcoIntense, EcoWebDesk and NordSafety into a single, global-minded brand identity.

What the new name stands for

We are preserving our strengths: modular software – a simple system – clear structures – users as the focus – a holistic approach – smart tech.

At the same time, we are making room for new ideas to come to the fore: exchange – network – community – new technologies.

Quentic is short, modern, international – containing different elements that reinforce our position an values. Phonetic elements of words like "connect", "engage", "entire", "inspire" and "tech" are all incorporated into our new name.

What Quentic has to offer

Your daily challenges: Strict duties requiring action, multiple stakeholders, increasing complexity. Our solution: a clear focus, a collective idea, a simple system.

Manage your HSE and CSR processes digitally with a solution that connects.

Quentic is an integrated software that improves collaboration and teamwork by bringing all the players together in one software solution. Since tasks interplay across departments, processes can be coordinated efficiently and in keeping with legal requirements.

Quentic connects software and people, involves people on a task-by-task basis and helps generate enthusiasm for the entire range of tasks - via browser or app.

How we want to connect you even better

Our goal is to connect all HSE and CSR actors in one system. Find out why cross-departmental and cross-company exchange is becoming increasingly important and how we can help connect you even more broadly with our new Quentic Community.

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Here are some of the main questions and answers that have developed from the ongoing exchange-with our customers.

The software solution EcoWebDesk and the associated mobile app NordSafety will bear the overarching name Quentic from October 11th on - The companies EcoIntense and NordSafety will be renamed to Quentic as well.

The use of all our software products will remain exactly the same. All contact persons will continue to provide support and be available. In the course of the brand change, we have only adapted the name. The legal form and shareholder structure of our company has not changed as a result of this.

Telephone and fax numbers, postal addresses, commercial register number, VAT number, and bank details all remain unchanged. Current contractual relationships are also unaffected by the name change.

Due to the brand change, some modules or and module components have also be renamed in an effort to clarify their function:

  • My EcoWebDesk turns into My Quentic
  • Eco-Controlling turns into Environment
  • Audit Management turns into Risks & Audits

In the SaaS solution, the new name will automatically appear on the software interface with the launch of version 11.0 on October 11th. For enterprise customers, the new version of our software will become available shortly afterwards.

Our websites, social media channels, and email addresses will also be changed on this date. Quentic employees can then be reached by email at firstname.lastname@quentic.com.

Please note that the adaptation of all documentation to reflect our new name will take some time and that you may still occasionally encounter the previous logos during the transition period.

The new name and adapted module names (see Question #2) will automatically appear on the software interface on October 11th. The brand change has no effect on use or functions. Our software can be used exactly as before.

The login page will change to www.my.quentic.com on October 11th. You will be automatically redirected to the new page as of release 11.0. We recommend that you nevertheless adapt your links as convenient. Links to data sets will also work as before.

If questions about the brand change arise, feel free to refer people back to this page.

You can request the new Quentic logo from our support team (see Question #6). Of course, we are also available to answer any further questions you may have.

As an Enterprise user, you can continue to use our software normally. The brand change has no effect on use or functions of our products.

The new name and the altered module names (see Question #2) will automatically appear on the software interface for SaaS users on October 11th. For Enterprise customers, the new software version will become available shortly after the initial release. Please contact your consultant or technical contact to arrange the exact date. 

If your colleagues should have any questions about the brand change, feel free to link to this page.

You can request the new Quentic logo from our support team (see Question #6). Of course, we are also at your disposal for any further questions.

Of course you can forward the information regarding the name change to your internal accounting department to ensure that the corresponding master data is correctly adapted.

You can reach our support team between 8am and 6pm by email at support@quentic.com or by phone at +49 30 921 0000 921.
We look forward to assist you with all further questions.

"Our aspiration is to build long-term relationships based on direct dialogue and the principle of equal partnership. We look forward to connect you even better and to effectively optimize your HSE and CSR management.“

Quentic Markus Becker CEO

Markus Becker, Founder & CEO