EHS compliance made easy

Quentic & RegScan: Access EHS regulations for jurisdictions around the globe and track in a central software solution.

The complete EHS compliance solution

EHS professionals need to keep track of and constantlychanging legal regulations across the globe. They must also ensure that the resulting legal obligations are reviewed and duly implemented in their company. This becomes particularly complex when operating in more than one country. 

The Quentic & RegScan partner solution helps you maintain an international register that is always up to date. As a best-in-class EHS compliance content provider, RegScan gives clients direct access to EHS regulations for various jurisdictions around the globe. By combining this with the Quentic software, you get a complete EHS compliance solution.

Your contact person at RegScan:


Olivier Sauvage
Director of Business Development EMEA

  • Over 15 years of experience in FMCG/manufacturing/distribution; food, luxury and glass packaging
  • Six years in global EHS management
  • Global project management, internal audits, and strategy implementations

And this is how it works:

With a dedicated staff of environmental attorneys and EHS experts and over 30 years of experience in the field, RegScan, Inc. provides EHS regulatory compliance services to companies worldwide. The compliance expert offers content on EHS regulations from over 200 jurisdictions across the globe, each recorded in both the applicable source language and the English translation.

These content and notification capabilities can be directly integrated with Quentic’s software platform for EHS and CSR management, allowing clients to receive notifications about updates, review regulatory information and track EHS legal compliance in one system. Legal compliance audits can be conducted easily! Quentic's clearly defined audit process guarantees reliable status reports on your company's current level of compliance, allowing actions to be derived directly.


An overview of the most important services

Compliance expert RegScan, Inc.

EHS alerts

Stay up to date on the global regulations impacting your business

Legal register updates

Coverage of health, safety, environment regulations for over 100 countries and regions

Federal and state registers - U.S.

Full-text versions of all final rule changes and proposed federal and state regulations

Full-text for Canada, Mexico and EU

Full-text health, safety & environmental regulations contain all the essential rules that affect your daily operations

Applicability tools

Expertly determine which EHS requirements impact your business

Auditing - U.S. TEAM Guides™

Audit protocols that address subject areas critical to your business

Audit protocols

Global legal registers and audit protocols for over 200 jurisdictions

i-Comply Checklists™

Understand and characterize compliance and risk factors across your corporate footprint more easily

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