Matching indicators

Determine which sustainability aspects you are reporting with which key figures.

Easy data input

Comprehensive user interface and support through automatic validation and consistency checks.

Data consolidation under control

Numbers and answers in a consolidated data base and at any time daily evaluations.

Flexible reporting

At any time, meaningful reports on your economic, ecological, and social performance can be produced in detail or at corporate level.

With the Quentic software you can create a systematic data base for your sustainability reporting—according to any standards, such as the German Sustainability Code (GSC), GRI or CSR Directive 2014/95/EU. Define indicators to represent their economic, environmental, and social performance and thus fulfill important information requirements for your stakeholders. The software platform calculates the associated key figures from the decentralized data deliveries of its business areas.

You can export meaningful tables and diagrams to Word and Excel at the touch of a button. Depending on the target group of your reporting, you focus on time series for the development of individual indicators, comparisons between the KPIs of your locations and benchmarks of your company against plan and target values. With Quentic you always have a reliable basis for your stakeholder communication. The underlying processes of data collection, consolidation and release are easy to administer and can be transparently tracked at any time.

What about climate protection, working conditions, and supply chains? Determine which sustainability aspects you are reporting with which key figures. In doing so, you can access standardized frameworks, for example, according to GRI, and adapt these according to your needs. You also define derived ratios, such as energy consumption per sales, using the intuitive formula editor.

Ask each department and each responsible person only the key figures that are relevant to him. For the creator, data entry is presented in a clear web interface, which is accessible from the personal overview. Automatic validation and consistency checks support it.

With the reporting plan, you always have an overview of which key figure deliveries are still pending from which area and let those responsible automatically remind you of due dates. After internal approval in the dual control principle, the delivered figures and answers are combined in a consolidated data basis and are available for daily analyses.

You can define evaluations according to different aspects and comparisons with target values yourself at any time. In the background, Quentic takes care of the conversion of units and currencies, as well as the calculation of derived variables, or the data aggregation that transcends space and location. In this way, you will always be able to report on your economic, ecological, and social performance in detail as well as at corporate level.

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Whitepaper Sustainability Management

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