Easy procedure

The clearly structured interface simplifies the management of sustainability data.

Standardized indicators

Define your own indicators, also taking into account standardized catalogs such as GRI.

That’s teamwork

Make your reporting process run smoothly—even with a high number of participants.

Higher data quality

Reported values are brought together centrally and are consistently structured and validated.

Thanks to Quentic, you are on the safe side when it comes to sustainability management. Temporary fixes, tangled lists and endless spreadsheets are all things of the past as Quentic combines everything in one to make integrative management a reality.

The central sustainable management software helps you to assess the social, ecological and economic aspects of your company. Create the basis for communication with your stakeholders and connect everyone involved through a shared platform. Quentic enhances the exchange of information and the company-wide collaboration as indicators from vastly different areas can easily be combined.

Climate protection, working conditions, supply chains? Determine which sustainability aspects apply to your company and how they need to be analyzed. If you wish, standardized indicator catalogs, e.g. in accordance with GRI, serve as a solid basis which you can build on by adding individual indicators. Complex indicators for automatic calculations can be effortlessly created in the formula editor.

Who needs to report what and when, is planned centrally and on a long-term basis. Whenever needed, you can use the convenient email function to instantly inform the people involved. Thus, you create clear-cut responsibilities, without needing additional separate consultations. The well-arranged reporting plan allows you to stay on top of all reporting tasks and to see how far an ongoing reporting process has progressed.

When a colleague is given a reporting task, they can take care of it right from within their personal overview. Everyone involved can transmit their data simultaneously and independently of place and time, which makes the division of labor very smooth. The standardized procedure ensures that all data is consistent and reliable, as the indicators from the different departments are completely, instantaneously and traceably brought together.

After the collected information has been approved, it can be processed. Various types of evaluations enable you to bring the content together under various aspects. This makes it easier to derive strategic decisions and effective follow-up actions. The resulting illustrative tables and charts serve as basis for the sustainability report for the various stakeholders.

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Whitepaper Sustainability Management

12 Key areas to benefit your business with structured sustainability management. Ways to systematically exploit stakeholder demands and influence as well market opportunities and how to align your corporate actions.

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