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  • Sustainability controlling software

    Plan. Control. Check.

With the Quentic sustainability controlling software, you can quickly and clearly coordinate the central tasks of sustainability. Plan and control the implementation of your sustainability strategy through the collection and quality assurance of ecological, economic and social data. The derivation of strategic decision-making variables takes place in real-time from the operational environmental and social data.

The structured acquisition and evaluation possibilities of the software platform provide you with the information base for all management tools of sustainability management, from the material flow calculation to eco-efficiency analyzes to the Sustainability Balanced Scorecard. A central responsibility of management is to ensure that all operating data are always up to date, checked, and consolidated. This simplifies the identification of target/actual deviations and the initiation of targeted measures.

The appropriate indicators

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What about emissions, water consumption, energy costs? Determine which sustainability aspects you control with which key figures. You can adjust all the indicators according to your needs and, optionally, enter costs as well as their values. You can define derived ratios, such as energy efficiency per sales, using the intuitive formula editor itself.

Data capture is optimally supported

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Each data collector sees only the relevant indicators—thus avoiding errors. The system detects unusual deviations from the previous period during the input and is pointed out clearly. Optionally, you can specify explanations or attach documents.

Data consolidation under control

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With the reporting plan, you always have an overview of which KPI deliveries are still outstanding and from which area. If you have defined a release level, the persons concerned are automatically informed as soon as a data delivery is ready for the check. Once released data is blocked for normal processing. This keeps your evaluations and calculations consistent.

Flexible reporting

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You can define evaluations according to different aspects and comparisons with target values yourself at any time. In the background, Quentic takes care of the conversion of units and currencies as well as the aggregation of the collection points as well as the calculation of freely definable KPIs. In this way, you will always be able to report on your economic, ecological, and social performance in detail as well as at corporate level.

Awards and accolades

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