Organize permits to work

Create individual PTWs or derive new ones from pre-existing PTWs & choose from pre-defined PTW types!

Illustrate risks & safeguards

Link risk assessments and disclose risks associated with the activities, equipment and hazardous chemicals involved!

Regulate approval and use

Clearly name all participants and list their responsibilities.Use transparent status details when creating and using PTWs! 

Check how PWT's are being used

Use the configurable dashboard to review all created permit to work in real time!

Fully evaluate and give standard approvals for work done with hazardous chemicals, at heights or involving risk of electrocution

Many workplace hazards arise from activities being conducted improperly.

Permits to Work can remedy this and minimize the risk of an accident. But creating permits to work is often tedious and time-consuming. With Quentic, you can use existing data to easily and efficiently create permits to work.

Imagine if you could organize non-routine work safely and efficiently and making your maintenance work run more smoothly, by: 

Easily creating permits to work in Quentic 

Conducting approvals and protecting them from tampering 

Minimizing risk of accident, property and environmental damage 

Defining safeguards and LOTO measures 

Showing all upcoming work clearly and transparently  


With Quentic, you can create vital permits to work in next to no time, for activities such as:  
•    Hot Work  
•    Electrical permits for high voltage work  
•   Working at heights  
•    Working in explosion risk zones 
•    Working in confined spaces, like containers and silos 
•    Working on pipelines 
•    Working with ionizing radiation  
•    Crane/aerial work  
•    Permit for tank coating 
•    Demolitions 
•    Excavation 

Quentic is the professional software solution that lets you digitize and tamper-proof your work approval processes.  

Whitepaper Contractor Safety Management

When companies choose to outsource work, they are still liable for health and safety. A safety management system supported by EHS software is an essential best practice for handling the safety risks associated with having contractors on a work site. 

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