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Modern and convenient

Make learning content available online—directly accessible on computers and tablets.

Flexible implementation

Low organizational effort and no lengthy scheduling conflicts.

Making learning more fun

Create multi-media learning experiences, thus improving learning results.

Save time

All results are saved automatically, certificates are issued with a single mouse click.

With Quentic, you will have your instruction management completely under control. Temporary fixes, tangled lists and endless spreadsheets are all things of the past.

Coordinate all training courses with ease in Quentic, even for a high number of employees. The central software solution improves your flexibility: Make multi-media learning content available so that every participant of the instruction, including visitors and third parties, can follow conveniently from their computer or tablet. Annoying scheduling conflicts become a thing of the past as every employee can individually integrate the instructions into their daily routine.

The instruction management software meets all the requirements of in-company as well as third party training. The learning content is centrally stored and linked to lesson plans, so as soon as learning units have been reviewed and released, all participants are able to access them. An entry on the personal interface reminds each employee of upcoming online instructions. External participants, in contrast, can complete their instruction at the guest terminal or conveniently on the road.

Being flexible in regard to time and location is a vital aspect of occupational education. By using online training, all participants can act independently. Schedule conflicts and long drives to training sites can be things of the past. This keeps the organizational effort to a minimum and perfectly integrates the lessons into the daily routine.

Presenting information in a visually appealing way increases motivation and leads to better learning results. Quentic’s online training provides you with everything necessary to achieve this. You can adapt existing presentation slides or create new content. Embed images, videos and SCORM content and create a multi-media learning experience. The complete instruction package can easily be made available to others and features a user-friendly interface.

Each instruction is followed by comprehension questions to test learning outcomes. The person in charge of online training determines the content. Successful participants can receive a certificate as proof of attendance. Quentic also automatically keeps track of which qualifications a person has achieved, and uses this data to manage future dates, meaning that there is no need to document the results manually.

Awards and accolades

Free on-demand webinar on ISO 45001

Watch the video and learn more about the new ISO 45001 norm and find out how to successfully fulfill all requirements with Quentic.

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The tailor-made solution for your organization

Quentic is the ideal solution for your health and safety, environmental protection and sustainability management. Expertly grounded, the web-based software knows your tasks and unites all of the functions that you need.

Quentic Health & Safety Software assists you with all HSE and sustainability processes. Documenting, organizing, evaluating – with Quentic you’re done in a jiffy.

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“Quentic enables us, as a global enterprise, to standardize environmentally relevant processes and to create maximum transparency. This pays off for us both environmentally and economically.”

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