Report dangerous situations and accidents directly within one central system.

Motivated company

Reporting and analysis are just easier, increasing collaboration on all sides.


View automated accident statistics and determine accident indicators, e.g. severity rate.

Data protection

Protect sensitive data with a sophisticated access rights concept.

With Quentic, you will have your incident management completely under control. You are on the safe side when it comes to dangerous situations and accidents. Temporary fixes, tangled lists and endless spreadsheets are all things of the past as Quentic combines everything in one to make integrative management a reality.

Thanks to the central software solution Quentic, you can document critical incidents such as personal damages, property damages or dangerous situations directly. You can immediately analyze the causes and derive corrective actions in order to avoid future occurrences of similar incidents. In case an accident is notifiable, you can generate a mailable notice of accident with minimum effort and send it to the responsible occupational health and safety agency. The evaluation of the accident indicators, e. g. lost working days per employee, severity rate or frequency rate, provides a good overview within the company. The sophisticated access rights concept, which protects sensitive data, leaves nothing to be desired.

Awards and accolades

Whitepaper ISO 45001

The new norm for health and safety management systems is replacing the previous standard OHSAS 18001. Learn more about how you can benefit from implementing ISO 45001, fulfill requirements and get your organization certified.  

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HSE for everyone. Digital and a perfect fit.

Discover how Quentic makes your EHS and CSR management easier and brings everyone involved together. The web-based software supports you competently in all tasks in the areas of occupational safety, environmental protection and sustainability.

Digital documentation, organization, evaluation — with Quentic you save time and structure your processes in a structured and comprehensible manner.

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Risk assessment online

Centralised and accessible anywhere in the world

Detect risks

Record information about equipment, actions, ergonomics and hazardous chemicals in a structured way.

Take protective measures

With Quentic you can directly determine the required actions.

Regulations always in check

Applicable legal standards and obligations, as well as operating instructions, are automatically linked.

Share documents

Up-to-date and transparent: inform those responsible at the click of a mouse.

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