Simple ISO certification

Simplify the preparation and implementation of your ISO 50001 certification.

Scale & optimize energy data

Effective energy efficiency strategy. Quentic ensure that your business has the necessary infrastructure.

Easy to use

Tools that are easy to use for everyone involved in the audit process.

Reach your goal faster

All audit data is centrally organized and can be edited in minutes.

Quentic is the right answer to obligatory energy audits. Temporary fixes, tangled lists and endless spreadsheets are all things of the past as Quentic combines everything in one to make integrative management a reality.

In accordance with DIN EN 16247-1, energy audits become obligatory if your company has 250 employees or more. Quentic is the professional software solution to securely perform energy audits. It supports you in all the phases of an audit, from planning and execution to the identification and solving of nonconformities. Thanks to Quentic, you save precious time and effectively integrate all participants into the energy audit process. During the continuous inspection and improvement of company processes, it provides flexibility, reliability and efficiency.

Having a clear plan is half the battle: Thanks to Quentic, keep track of all upcoming audits and site inspections and organize each with minimal effort. It is easy to select a question catalog and add more questions if necessary. Audit participants can be registered with the click of a mouse and automatically informed by email. Simply print the question list and take it with you to the location for a well-prepared audit!

Once the energy audit has been performed, you can record the results in a predetermined form. This ensures that all information is consistent and easy to read. In case action points are identified during the assessments, you can initiate corrective measures directly in Quentic and instantly delegate them to the responsible parties. Audit reports can be generated with the click of a mouse and include multiple options for adding charts and figures.

Set the course for your department by using Quentic management programs. You can set realistic goals by determining single objectives and initiating the actions required; ensuring every person involved knows exactly what to do and can find all relevant information within the system. Current progress can easily be monitored using the program’s overview on the interface.

What is the quality of your occupational safety? How much do your production processes impact the environment? Using Quentic, important aspects for your company can be identified for regular assessment. Decide which parameters contribute to a certain aspect by taking into account the very specifics of each case. This allows you to establish an assessment platform for significant results, including a defined assessment matrix.

Awards and accolades

Obtain your ISO certification with Quentic!

“The quick visualization of indicators saves us a lot of time. Moreover, Quentic facilitates the decision-making process, especially in terms of energy-saving actions.”