United for more occupational health and safety on construction sites

Watch the video and find out how Quentic & Arcadis Germany join forces to improve health and safety on construction sites.​

Quentic and Arcadis Germany: benefits at a glance

Enhanced occupational health and safety​

Quentic's digital solutions and Arcadis' consulting expertise significantly enhance health and safety on construction sites.

Optimized workflows​

Digital workflows help to optimize and accelerate processes on the construction site.​

EHS compliance ​

Compliance with EHS guidelines ensures conformity on the construction site.​

Real-time monitoring​

Real-time monitoring of construction site processes enables potential problems to be identified and rectified at an early stage.

Reporting on-the-go​

Digital solutions enable reports and documentation to be created directly on the construction site, saving time and effort.

GDPR compliance​

Ensure data privacy by using GDPR certified system.​

Minimized liability risk​

Conducting legally required risk assessments to determine safeguards minimizes liability risk on the construction site.​

One solution

Reduce the amount of software suites in use – one solution covers all, across locations.​

Watch the video and learn how construction companies can improve health, safety and compliance at work easily.