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ENGIE Deutschland

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Creating a safe working environment requires that many precautions are considered: risk assessments, the implementation of safety measures, drafting operating instructions and training employees. In order to manage these responsibilities effectively, the company ENGIE Deutschland (former name: GDF Suez Energie Deutschland) relies on the online software Quentic.

Since 2010, ENGIE Deutschland has been using the extensive solution for health and safety within all areas of its business, as well as within the management systems certified according to OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001.

About ENGIE Deutschland

Incorporated in the ENGIE Group, ENGIE Deutschland is part of an international and worldwide leading energy company that devotes great attention to health and safety. The company comprises around 1,000 employees and occupies eight sites throughout Germany. Apart from supplying electricity, natural gas and energy services, the company also generates electricity and long-distance heating.

Safety is of the utmost priority

Just how much occupational safety matters for the energy supplier is apparent in its daily business. Employees in protective clothing, warning signs and indicator labels, notices with instructions and required conduct, dealing with hazardous chemicals or handling electricity – this is all part of the daily routine at the power plant. ‘That’s why health and safety are of the utmost priority to us’, says Daniel Krebel, HSE Expert at ENGIE Deutschland.

A constant challenge

Repeated training, frequent security inspections, complying with required standards, analysis of processes at the power plant, and determination of safety-enhancing measures – coordinating all of this takes up a great deal of time and effort that immediately affects a company’s budget. ‘Every time the working environment is modified, risk assessments have to be implemented anew. Operating instructions always have to be kept up-to-date and made available for the relevant people. In the meantime, we have to keep a record of which employee has participated in which training, or what kind of training they will need in the future, so appointments have to be planned and organized accordingly. Coordinating and sharing the relevant information certainly is a big challenge. Without a central system for documentation and organization, you would easily be stretched to your limit,’ explains Daniel Krebel.

“Quentic made it easy to directly involve external reviewers. After receiving access rights, they could immediately enter the risk assessments resulting from the on-site inspection, into our system. Everyone was working toward the same goal at the same time.”

Stefan Stengel, HSE Expert, ENGIE Deutschland

Software for optimized health and safety

Due to this challenge, ENGIE Deutschland started using Quentic in the middle of 2010. The specialized management solution enables the energy supplier to efficiently maintain occupational safety within the company. The data can easily be recorded, managed and distributed from one center where it is made transparently available for everyone involved. Risk assessments and operating instructions are drafted or updated with just a few clicks. An employee’s activities and qualifications are recorded in an organized way, and an integrated instruction plan helps you to quickly find out which kind of training is necessary for which employee and when.

Efficient audit management

One of Europe’s most modern coal power stations is currently being built at the site in Wilhelmshaven. Ever since the project was started in 2008, the risks for both workers and the environment have been analyzed and evaluated with great care. Quentic played an important role in this process. Its Risks & Audits module was used to plan and assess inspections of the construction site. External reviewers were able to record the results directly within the system. ENGIE Deutschland greatly appreciated how this ensured both quick collection of the information and its further processing and evaluation.

Since 2010 ENGIE is using the following Quentic modules:
  • Quentic Core

  • Health & Safety

  • Risks & Audits

  • Hazardous Chemicals

  • Legal Compliance

  • Environmental Management

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