Risk assessments for hazardous materials

With the Quentic Hazardous Materials software module

Quentic creates legally compliant risk assessments for those working with hazardous materials. Evaluate the hazards and determine whether you can substitute certain substances for less harmful alternatives. Quentic automatically proposes necessary protective measures.

With Quentic, risk assessments for hazardous materials have never been easier.

Determine your needs

  • Run risk analyses for hazardous materials and the ways in which they are being used
  • Collectively assess groups of substances with ease
  • Save time by reusing sample templates
  • Log your work with hazardous substances in a mouse click
  • Gain access to logged data via a central index
  • Display the relevant warning messages automatically
  • Access reliable standardized information on hazards, including skin contact, inhalation, fire, and explosion

Document tasks and risks

Comply with guidelines

  • Categorize dangerous groups automatically, along with the measures that need to be taken for each
  • Identify the necessary precautions in seconds
  • Plan how to implement hazardous materials management into your business with a clear overview of each protective measure and its status
  • Export your risk assessment to a professional document for printing or sharing and give selected colleagues automatic access
  • Get reminders when documents need updating
  • Manage current and earlier revisions of each document within a structured file system

Publish the final document

Substitution test

When risk-assessing work with hazardous materials, it's important to check for potential substitutes that are less dangerous. With Quentic, you can easily see the results of previous substitution tests. If a substitute is found, attach the results of the test to your risk assessment to ensure that records remain complete and up-to-date.

Risk assessments for work equipment and other operations

Organizing risk assessments outside of Hazardous materials management? Do so with the Quentic Health & Safety software module.

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“We have found a viable solution for our hazardous materials management, which perfectly supports both the old as well as the new Hazardous Substances Ordinance. Our hazardous working materials are now centrally recorded in Quentic and the data can be accessed by all authorized people at any time.”