A clear vision for our future growth

In 2007, founders Markus Becker, Sebastian Mönnich and Hardy Menzel laid the foundation for the company that is today known as Quentic. A lot has happened since then: Quentic established itself as the leading Software as a Service provider for EHSQ and ESG in Europe and has experienced massive growth and expanded in all areas of business. But our values have always remained the same: We believe in a culture of togetherness, of authenticity and in uniting corporate business activities with our responsibility to society.

Markus Becker

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

“We do not rest until we’ve made our customers into fans! We consider freedom of decision, knowledge transfer and active feedback are part of our corporate self-image, along with promoting diversity, individual development opportunities and work-life balance.”

Markus Becker on LinkedIn

Sebastian Mönnich

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer (COO)

“I am very proud that we are able to make a meaningful contribution to society, people and environment with our unified and engaged approach. This motivates me every day. Just as motivating is the ongoing effort to find solutions for the challenges our customers and employees face, as well as those of this rapidly growing market.”

Sebastian Mönnich on LinkedIn

Hardy Menzel

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

„At Quentic, we live out a culture of trust and community, where every team member can fully develop their strengths. We owe our success to the engaged and motivated personalities working with us. An anchor of our mission statement, the Quentic Code of Inspiration, is our appreciative work atmosphere and enthusiasm for all we’ve accomplished together.“

Hardy Menzel on LinkedIn

Mark Knill

Chief Sales Officer (CSO)

"At Quentic, every customer company receives a future-proof system tailored to their needs. We will continue to grow our sales activities, strengthen our position in the European market and offer extensive on-site services to our users. But that’s not all we do – we also take our responsibility to the environment very seriously: Data for Quentic’s SaaS solution is hosted using environmentally friendly Green IT.“

Mark Knill on LinkedIn

Dr. Mario Lenz

Chief Product Officer (CPO)

"Many companies have discovered for themselves how times of crisis call one’s future viability into question, as well as what responsibility one bears towards employees and the environment. We have reached a point where EHSQ management and ESG will benefit from the general push towards digitalization and ideas for AI use are rapidly gaining momentum in this sector as well.“

Dr. Mario Lenz on LinkedIn