Turning the next chapter

Written by Fredrik Löfberg

When founding NordSafety three years ago, we agreed on a common vision: “To be the leading mobile EHS solution”. We wanted to do things differently, using the most recent technology to transform workplace safety into something more productive and engaging for everyone.

Last Thursday, we took a huge step towards that goal. After careful consideration of our past success and future goals, focused on sustainable growth both in Finland and abroad, we signed a deal with EcoIntense GmbH (since 2018 Quentic) where we became part of EcoIntense Group. Together we are stronger, and we have the resources needed to execute the technology vision we have been dedicated to since day one. Our innovative approach to technology for safer workplaces has proven a successful strategy, evidenced by our growing customer base and the interest we received from EcoIntense.

Why did we choose to go this way, one might ask? We of course also asked ourselves this question when we started the discussion with EcoIntense. We did not take this decision lightly as we are first and foremost committed to serving our loyal customers who have believed in our vision and supported us all these years. But along the way, we were convinced that the EcoIntense founders share the same passion to use technology to help make workplaces safer. They too have built the company up from scratch, demonstrating the business values of personal touch from development to customer support, and have amazing clients using their solution as a result. This gave us the feeling that by joining forces we would become greater than the sum of our parts, with the resources and vision to really transform the future of EHS software.

From the NordSafety founders’ point of view, we felt in the end that it’s not the most important thing to try to do everything by yourself. Not having to compromise on actually accomplishing the things we want to do to provide the best solution for our customers is what is important to us. At the end of the day, what really matters is the fact that people will have a more engaging and productive way to work safely. Fewer accidents, more loved ones going home. In our small way, that’s how we will continue to make a difference in the world.

You can’t only think about the clients because you wouldn’t even have them without your team working towards a common goal. We have a great committed team at NordSafety and of course, we also thought this from the whole team’s perspective. We included non-founders to the discussion to find out how they felt. As a strong believer in building value through company culture, this kind of approach is natural for us. Our team got the idea pretty quickly as everyone is eager to foster growth. I am very pleased that we all see good possibilities to grow and serve our customers better with joint efforts at EcoIntense.

In conclusion, I see endless possibilities working as part of the EcoIntense family. As we work together to iron out the logistic details, we are all excited to be at the beginning of this great new chapter. I’m sure we will see strong technology development as well as business performance as we build a global leader covering all aspects of EHS Management and Sustainability reporting.


Yours sincerely,
Fredrik Löfberg
Co-founder NordSafety