Stop Wasting Money on Health and Safety

Written by Karri Takki

Investments in Health and Safety management system is currently a timely topic in many organisations. Many organisations are currently in the process of purchasing mobile based solutions. Many of the HSEQ professionals can easily see the value of modern mobile based Health and Safety solutions, they know what the benefits in terms of health and safety are. However, sometimes justifying the investment to the top management might be a challenge.

I drafted a few of the key arguments together to help you guys:

Productivity Improvements

In the traditional way of using paper forms and excel sheets with or without legacy HSEQ systems on the side, you will spend a significant amount of time in reporting the audits and findings. With modern mobile based systems all the work will be done during the audit. Reports are automatically generated and also the management of incidents and tasks is automated. Companies have managed to save up to 50 % of time per audit by using mobile EHSQ tools. What would you do with the spared hours of time?

We have made an example calculation about the time savings and its benefits. The findings are available as an infographic.

Lower Accident Frequency

We all know that lower accident frequency will bring major benefits for the company. Less interruptions to work, more committed employees and lower insurance premiums to start with. Not to speak of the costs related to accidents themselves.

There are plenty of practices safety people use to detect potential risks before the risks are realized. There are risk assessments, audits and other routine inspections to detect these risks but every routine will require time invested in them. What if you could engage your whole personnel to safety work by making reporting incidents and risks as easy as updating a Facebook status? What would happen? –You probably would have more real-time view on existing risks. Management should give every person in their organisation the possibility to submit safety observations and attach photos with their mobile device on the site. That will lower the threshold to submit observations. One of our customers has witnessed the number of safety observations to multiply by 14 in just one and a half years from deploying NordSafety. When you catch and fix the rising risks in advance you will have less incidents which leads to less interruptions in production.

There are studies showing that the more observations you get; the more likely you are to prevent an actual accident from happening. We have made a presentation about one of our customers on how mobile solution helped them to lower LTIF without investing more time to safety. You can find the results here.

Company Image

Utilizing the latest technology to provide safe working environment and providing all employees a channel to communicate safety observations will definitely help to build reputation of responsible company. This can be an advantage when competing on new customers and projects. You will always have clear processes and metrics available to demonstrate how your company values HSEQ. Corporate responsibility also enforces the organization’s brand and makes the company more attractive to stakeholders such as job seekers and investors.

Last Argument and Most Important One: Money

Investing in Health and Safety, when done right, can result in measurable savings in the overall operating costs. If you manage to lower your accident frequency, you will see cost savings from:

  1. Insurance premiums

  2. Production/projects keep the schedule without unscheduled interruptions

  3. Accident related costs and damages

Also here are a few points why you should subscribe to cloud based EHS solutions instead of developing your own or investing in on premise system.

  1. No investment to get it going

  2. Maintenance costs, service provider will take care of system maintenance

  3. No IT infrastructure is required

  4. Less or none time from IT department is required

  5. Frequent updates are included in the subscription.

Summary: Save $$$

Health and Safety, Environment and Quality Management Systems, Certifications, Compliance

If you already have or you are aiming to certify for your safety, environment and quality system such as OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001, ISO 9001 or even the upcoming ISO 45001, it’s a fact that you need the right set of tools. With mobile HSEQ solution you can ensure that your documentation and audits are easy to manage and always up-to-date.

Well-designed software should offer intuitive user interface which makes it easy to learn for basic users. Trainings are required only for super users, which minimizes internal training efforts. Deployment of SaaS solution is also much faster than traditional software solutions. You don’t need installation on the servers and client devices. Updates are automated and minimum involvement is required from your IT department.


NordSafety – an innovative EHS app provider – was founded in Helsinki und acquired by Quentic in November 2017. NordSafety was renamed to Quentic in 2018.